Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nobody can do it alone

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Why should I try to change a world that often seems dead set AGAINST change. Since I so often am at odds with how others think the world should be, maybe I am the one with the issues. Maybe it is me who needs to change, not the world. ... Read More

It all starts with ourselves!

As the recent winter storm Nemo wandered through my region, burying some, doing a fair amount of damage, and pretty much leaving thousands powerless for days, I had a lot of time to think. We have this illusion in the world that somehow if we have more stuff; that if we are more advanced technologically and more “civilized” ... Read More

Keeping on track.

Clarity of vision can be affected by many factors. Physical limitations of the eyes. The amount of light available. Are there any things around that might block vision? Obviously it is much easier to see far in an open field on a clear sunny day than it is to see in a dark room filled with ... Read More

Connectivity, Religion, Misconceptions and the Effect on the World.

As the newest contributor to PAXNation I thought it best to introduce myself, but the question was how to do so. Then it came to me, not in a dream, or a flash of inspiration… but with two days that showed glimpses of true beauty online. The first was a question started on Twitter by ... Read More

Why do we make it so hard?

We live in a world that has become defined by US and THEM. This concept has become ingrained in the very fabric of our societies. We have all been taught to focus on what makes us different, instead of what can bring us together. It is so much in human action these days that we do it ... Read More