Monthly Archives: March 2013

Should fear be our navigator?

What exactly do we seek when we say we want peace? What do we mean when we say we want equality and an end to intolerance? Knowing what we actually wish to achieve is very important before we can actually can truly make it into a reality. So does peace mean an end to disagreements?  Does equality and ... Read More

Building blocks

One of the issues of coming up with crazy ideas, is that sometime the only one who truly understands the idea is the one who thought of it. That does not imply any superiority on the side of the thinker, rather a failure on their part to properly express their idea. I have a sense ... Read More

Acceptance as an excuse

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. To me, one of the most irritating things one person can say to another is” That is the way it is. There is nothing we can do about it.” Yes, learning to accept ... Read More

Let the apple guide us

Existence is governed by laws. There is no denying this. Even the most minute particles have to obey the restriction that determine their reality. This does not mean that there are not exceptions, or possibly aberrations from the governing laws, but without some level of constancy existence would be complete chaos. This fundamental fact exists is all facets of existence, including ... Read More

Why is it so hard?

Nothing is impossible. The ‘impossible’ just takes a little longer. One day I was walking in a fairly busy city street. It was warm out, so there were quite a few people about. Near one street corner, against the wall of a convenience store was an older homeless man. He was dressed as a “bum” … worn, ... Read More