Monthly Archives: May 2013

An echoing cry …

I make no claim to be smarter than other people. I make no claim to be better than other people. I believe what I believe, but am always willing to hear a different point of view. I may sometimes find other people’s beliefs odd, or sometimes maybe even humorous, but I never deny them the right to believe what they want. ... Read More

Own the responsibility

On my way to school a very old lady waves me over So I asked if she was ok. I couldn’t understand because it looked like she had had a stroke. But I tried for 10 mins. Then a man passed me. I asked him could he help. Totally walked past me. Then a young ... Read More

Let’s hear from some others!!

The whole point of PAX Nation is to try to form a collective of like thinkers. Right now nobody seems very inclined to join in so I went to twitter and did a search for the thoughts and ideas of other bloggers with similar aims. These are some other members of that growing blogging collective known as ... Read More

Learn how to think people!

Information is the single most valuable resource anyone can have access to. This is not just an opinion, but a simple fact. Material resources may have a varying value, depending on one’s needs, but without the proper information they qualify as nothing more than wishful thinking. So the true art of governing, the art of creating a ... Read More