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By Steve Kramer On February 11, 2014 6:10 pm

Plans and more plans

When I first came up with this project, it struck me like a flash of lightning in a night-time stormy sky. For a period, I was sure this was going to be the definition of my life for some time now. But as reality often does, my euphoria at finding a new path for myself eventually settled down, and it did not take me long to realize that not only was this not an idea I could remotely do alone, but even with help it would be a long shot. But bad odds are rarely a good reason not to pursue a worthwhile dream. So I continued to pursue it. Along the way, as life often does, more doors opened up. It has been my experience then when we open ourselves to fresh paths and ideas, they start flooding in again. The next thing I know, I have seven active blogs (including this one), one dabbling in business, and a plan to hike the Appalachian Trail. I am sure I have mentioned them all before. The blogs (including the business ones), while not exactly unproductive, are also not particularly productive. So over the last few months, my concentration has been more and more focused on the Hike. I have other projects I was working on (such as a couple of manuscripts) that have also taken a back seat.

Why am I bringing this up? Part of what makes me ME is that I wish to do nothing other than help improve the world around me. And the way I most successfully do that is by either helping OTHERS obtain their dreams, or by getting good projects started, which others eventually take over and make into something worthwhile. I am an idea mind, but I am not very detail oriented. That is really what PAX Nation is intended to be. A forum; a think tank in which those with unconventional ideas can gather together and maybe find actual SOLUTIONS for many of the world’s problems … partially by stepping OUTSIDE of previously designated boundaries. I never expected it to happen overnight. And I KNOW I am NOT the person to do such great deeds, even if I might be a good spark to ignite others.

It has become more and more apparent to me that IF this idea has merit … it is not the time for it yet. Right now we are again fighting for basic net neutrality, which is a NECESSITY for PAX Nation to have ANY hope of growth. But beyond that, I have not really managed to get much more than a passing interest in the project over the course of months. I have opened it up to allow any to contribute ideas that wish to; I have tried to make it into a rudimentary social site … both with little success. It is my failing of course, because I have not really succeeded in obtaining even minimal help on the project. Most of the “contributions” have been simply spammers and scammer who love to do nothing other than use openness as a source to inundate the public with more garbage in the pursuit of profit. Fortunately I got wise to this early on and changed things so that they can’t automatically post without approval (unless given that permission.)

None of this really matters though. I am not writing this as a bid for attention or another plea. I just wanted to let any who actually find some value know that the site will basically be on hiatus while I am involved with the hike. I will be leaving at the end of March, and it will take approximately 6 months. Which basically means this project will go on the shelf for most of that time. I might occasionally step in, and I will probably post a few more times before I leave. But other than that, this idea is getting top shelved for a while. Unless anyone thinks it is worth keeping it alive and wants to take it on some management of the project (if so, feel free to contact me). I will mostly just be blogging on the Hiking Blog, so all of the other blogs will pretty much be on hold as well. If anyone has any interest in following my adventure (or even participating on any level), I welcome them. I will have this blog automatically follow that one, or people can visit the other blog directly.

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