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By Steve Kramer On May 9, 2017 4:24 pm


I had a dream, and I started working towards it. This is pretty much how ANY idea becomes a reality. Such is life, though, that sometimes, even as we pursue them, our dreams change. Maybe the change is a simple evolution of the dream as we get a clearer picture of the final goal.  Maybe our priorities change, and our dreams are modified to match our new priorities. Or maybe we come to understand that we do not necessarily have the tools to make the dream come true, and we have to change our focus. In such cases, we either need to work on getting the necessary tools, or be willing to alter the dream. Whatever causes the change in direction, the truth remains the same … paths shift.

PAX Nation is one BIG dream, and I entered the path towards it realizing that it may never be more than just an idealistic fantasy. However I am not one to shy from a task that I believe in just because it supposedly can’t be done. The modern world is DEFINED by people doing what they were told they couldn’t do. I still believe that nationalism has over-stayed its welcome. I still believe that the best hope for humanity’s continued growth is to embrace compassion and cooperation. I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of One World, One People … even if it is not triggered by my crazy little project.

Yet I realize that many do not agree with my view of the world … all too often those who have the power to influence the path of civilization. I also realize that I am really a nobody with grand ideas. This is not self-deprecation … just a full understanding of who I am. I have few resources and very little influence with anyone who has a power base of any sort. With effort and a fair amount of good luck, this could always change, but my general ineffectiveness is my current reality, and has been for quite some time. I am a very capable person … alone that is rarely enough to change the world. I have been working on this idea of mine for several years now, with varying degrees of devotion, and what I have arrived at is essentially a community of one with high aims and a decent website. As one might imagine, this is quite frustrating. With the rather depressing trend of the United States (and much of the rest of the world for that matter) towards selfish and greed based governance, I found myself feeling pretty powerless. Powerless to the point of giving up on working on just about everything I believe in.

It goes without saying (yet say it I will), GIVING UP on life is no way to live. I wrestled with my demons through the winter months, and came out on top. My last post was kind of my victory shout. Now I am working on taking my own advice (often a challenge), Instead of focusing on what I cannot do, I am once again working with what I CAN do. My greatest skills are understanding and creating. So that is what I will continue to do. I will continue to create, for the sake of creation itself. I will continue to keep compassion alive through my ability to understand others. I am NOT giving up on PAX Nation. But I am modifying the dream as needed.

My nation may only be a nation of one, but it is a nation that welcomes ANYONE who seeks to be here. PAX Nation will continue to grow … within the limits of my own resources and abilities … but grow it will. If I cannot offer armies of world changers, then I will offer what I CAN. Sanctuary. If you want a place to step away from the strife of a contentious world, welcome to PAX Nation. If  … by visiting … you find some needed help, then you are welcome to it. If you find that this sanctuary has a sense of home about it, you are welcome to stay. Those who would control others for their own dark needs will never truly be victorious as long as even ONE person remains to oppose them. If all I can offer is a breath of fresh air, then fresh air is what I will give. And if my sanctuary manages to grow in resources and influence, LOOK OUT WORLD!

In the mean time, the door is always open …

Sometimes, all we need is a place to feel safe.

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By Steve Kramer On September 26, 2016 7:28 pm

Unexpected, but very welcome, progress!


Apparently signing The Charter for Compassion was the snowflake I needed to start an avalanche. In the last four days, there have literally been as many visits to PAX Nation as in the ENTIRE YEAR until this point. Enough people have registered (and hopefully will continue to) to truly call this a community. I started this project in December of 2012, right after the Sandy Hook shooting. That event kind of tipped the scales with my general dissatisfaction of the course humanity was taking. The idea got a lot of thumbs up at first … with little other support beyond that. Despite the apparent lack of support, and due to my general stubbornness, I have kept at it, with a few extended interruptions (such as an attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail). In recent months, I decided to commit to it fully, and reworked the entire project. Apparently I have learned much of what I needed to learn, and found much of what I needed to find, because I seem to be on the right course finally!


It's all about communications!

The key to a successful online community is effective communication. Technically, the key to ANY community is effective communication. I have updated the Forum pages, adding some general topics that are issues that those who would change the world need to deal with. I encourage EVERYONE to join any conversation that interests you. Or start one on what is near and dear to you. For PAX Nation to be successful, first we need to start talking with each other!

If anyone wants to moderate or guide conversation, your help would be most welcome. Drop me a line, or post on my profile.

How else can I get involved?

Cooperation is about sharing: sharing resources, sharing ideas, sharing goals. PAX Nation is all about creating a cooperative effort, removing many of the barriers that might prevent this from happening. Check out the slightly modified and expanded resource section. Maybe you want to use the Marketplace. Or learn about Partnership opportunities. If you, or someone you know has some skills to offer and time to spare, see what PAX Nation needs.

Working together is the key to advancing all of our causes. Take advantage. Don’t just be a name on a list!


For this idea to have any success, the Citizens need to be active.  Many of you have your own projects to put forward, which is exactly what PAX Nation is about. Here we can connect with like minded people who might have alternate goals, or come from other areas. If somebody needs what we offer, we can connect with them and do what we can to help. If you have needs that you cannot meet elsewhere, maybe they will be met here. But it will only work if we USE the site. Set up your profiles. I will add the capacity for making friends and adding photos and videos shortly. Write a blog post! Tell us about your specific projects, or teach us about your part of the world. And most importantly, TELL OTHERS about PAX Nation. For us to be a truly effective community; for us to actually become a presence in the world, requires that we continue to grow and evolve!

How far can we go?

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By Steve Kramer On September 8, 2016 4:45 pm

More site improvements

Before this project can become an Active Community for Change,  It needs to become an actual community. So far I have failed to make this happen. But I continue to work at it, and maybe with patience and perseverance, the effort will not be in vain. As I have mentioned before, the biggest challenge that PAX Nation needs to overcome to grow at the moment is lack of resources (material, financial, AND human). Thus growth is slow.  I have recently been devoting my time to a couple of other projects intended to help with the financial issue. Most of my focus has been on my photo website, for a few reasons. One I have a LOT of photos to share. Two I have some skill with a camera, so don’t feel it inappropriate to offer the ability to purchase my artwork in various forms. Finally I want to use some of my photos to help PAX Nation grow.

That said, I have started adding some pictures from my own adventures to Images from afar … a page devoted to sharing images of the variety and beauty that this world has to offer. I have many of my own pictures to share, but as with everything else in this project, it is not intended to be just me sharing MY life. I have also added the ability for others to upload images that THEY would like to share. Even if we do not have the capacity to CHANGE the world yet here, we certainly can share information about our part of it with others. I encourage folk to upload pictures that are indicative of your part of the world. Images of nature, of people, of civilization … whatever you think is worth sharing. I had already included the ability for members to write their own blog posts, but I have added some posting guidelines to the page. Let your voice be hear about … whatever it is you wish to share.

By Steve Kramer On July 12, 2016 3:05 pm

Making an idea a reality

1302 days ago, I had an idea.

1302 Days. Three years, six months and twenty-four days. A mere moment in terms of human history … not even noticeable in terms of the lifetime of the earth, yet to mere mortals a momentous enough amount of time for significant change. I am the same person that had that idea … yet I am not. For nobody is the same from one moment to the next, and much has happened to me in those three and a half years.

I am still just an unspectacular person. I have not suddenly achieved celebrity. There still would be no reason anyone should know me unless our paths have crossed through our journeys in life. I am still just another ordinary person.

But my eyes still see, and my heart still beats. My core values have not changed. I continue to believe that we are all in this life journey TOGETHER. I continue to think that cooperation and complementing each other is the key to the survival of our species … our very planet … and not constant separation and conflict.

The way humanity keeps acting in recent years though, it still appears I am in the minority.

Greed and selfishness continue to be the driving force of humanity. Those who value material wealth over life itself retain control; we remain divided for all the wrong reasons, and it again seems to be getting worse. Of course it has only been three years, and there really is not reason to expect any grand changes to miraculously appear, for it is ultimately up to humanity itself to change things … if it truly WANTS to.

Self-deception continues to reign supreme, thanks to increased violence and advances in technology that make the spreading of hatred and misinformation easier and easier. Education and critical thinking are taking a back seat to propaganda and fear. Those with clear eyes and clear heads are rarely heard over the incessant bleating of the easily manipulated, and the howling of the predators that herd them.

Hope, like the sun, is always there ... even if it cannot easily be seen.

Hope, like the sun, is always there … even if it cannot easily be seen.

Yet my idea remains.

My life in the last 1302 days has both increased my despair for humanity’s future, and increased my determination to help alter the direction of said future. Recently, the despair has been in control, causing me to lose faith in myself and humanity in general. As a result my crazy idea, along with several other related projects were left unattended. Even though I still  KNOW I am not the only person fed up with humanity’s reckless direction, I seem to be unable to find those others who think as I do. Feeling hopeless and, frankly, HELPLESS, I began giving up on … well … everything. I am existing instead of living, with little hope, let alone focus.

One thing I am, strength or weakness (or a bit of both) yet to be determined, is STUBBORN. My determination may wane, even disappear for a bit … but it ALWAYS returns.

My idea still may be insane. It remains to be seen if I have a chance of making something so out there happen. But one thing is clearer than ever. I neither have the resources nor the skills to do it alone. Even if the birth of an actual internet nation is beyond our reach, it is still possible to build an active community of like-minded individuals that are not defined by location or other arbitrary labels, but rather by a shared determination to bring humanity to a productive and healthy path. That is ultimately what this project is about, and what I have so far failed to do.

I have been surprised to find that despite my lack of activity in recent weeks, we continue to have those who seem to support it trickle in. This makes me believe that it truly CAN turn into something, even if it is still a remote possibility. But we need more than just the occasional like on a Facebook page. We need more than someone registering and then never doing anything else. For any chance at a community that can make a difference, we need active participants. We need others to share their own crazy ideas. We need to take these ideas to the next level, by ACTING on them. We need to share with each other, and find those others who would willing be part of a … MOVEMENT.

No idea will ever be more than just an idea without ACTION, and no single person can change much of anything ALONE. I do not wish this to be just another site that has a crazy man preaching his ideals, nor do I wish it to be yet another pointless social network. It is meant to be an active community, a gathering place of humans who believe in the value of life … humans that believe governments and economies serve humanity and not the other way around. PAX Nation is here to remove lines on maps and let ALL people unite in common goals, embracing our uniqueness as nothing more than an opportunity to grow.

So I ask again folks … who wants to help me change the world?

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By Steve Kramer On October 23, 2015 9:49 pm

Jumping in once again!

I have been struggling for a while now. Struggling with my sense of purpose. Struggling with living in a society I am losing more and more respect for; struggling to find where to put my foot next as I walk along my path in life. My recent wanderings have taught me much … about myself, about society and humanity in general. Not all of what I have learned was pleasant. It just reinforced in me the need to make a difference, even if it is only within myself. Yet somehow that seems insufficient. Humanity is losing itself to greed and selfishness, and too many of us are just sitting and watching it happen … giving ourselves all sorts of self-justifying reasons. It really needs to stop if we don’t want society as we know it to fragment completely, possibly in our own lifetime.

While I was away, this project, and most of the others I started, got tainted by the aforementioned human traits, ant this page specifically got damaged by hacking for the simple need to spam the world with garbage for the sake of profit. I have had to rebuild much of it from scratch (with still much to do), which in itself is not a bad thing. I have made changes to my initial plan, though the basic goal remains the same. I am still trying to build a community of “right” thinkers, hopefully to someday be a force for change in the world. So I have done some major changes to the site, some cosmetic, some hopefully functional. It is now a functional (if rudimentary) social network. There is a place for discussion, and some of the basic features of digital social interaction. We can create groups, and have friends. There is a rudimentary messaging system (though it seems to be having issues at the moment). In short, all the tools to start a community.

The only thing lacking is members.

So I once again am putting out the plea for help. If you find any merit at all in this crazy idea of mine, or simply want to find friends from all over who may have a similar level of awareness, join my site. I am simply one moderately skilled dreamer looking to make a difference. Imagine what could happen if my one became many, and my meager skills became a collection of masters. anything can happen if an idea … no matter how farfetched … has enough support and energy behind it. We have managed to make a mess of the world with some less than practical ideas as proof. So how about joining me in trying to shift humanity’s direction to something a little less self-destructive?

I am stubborn and will keep plodding on alone if I must … but it would be so much easier with a few other plodders at my side.

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