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What is the value of a human life? #1000Speak I believe in the infinite potential of the human spirit. I believe that we are capable of just about anything if we set our heart and minds to achieving a specific goal. This potential becomes even more powerful when we work together ... Read More
STOP THE KILLING!!! The wonder begins again … What defines the value of a life? Is it the number of limbs one has? The place one is born? The potential financial value one could represent? Maybe it is the belief system one subscribes to? Or is it simply the name ... Read More
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Prejudice and peace … is it possible? “Peace.” Every one of us claims that we want peace. There are right wingers, centrists, left wingers and all of them claim that they want to achieve peace. When I was growing up, people around me didn’t just dislike but hated the State ... Read More
A never ending war? This is the first of hopefully many contributions of others who have a specific issue that is their focus … issues that have an effect on the peace of the world as a whole. This is her first attempt at such a post but I think ... Read More