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Introducing the Time Bank PAX Nation is meant to be a cooperative community. It is not just about like minded people socializing, but rather coming together in an effort to actively change the world. Everyone here has their priorities, but we also accept and support the priorities of others. The ... Read More
By Steve Kramer On September 28, 2016 5:09 pm

A few things needed by PAX Nation

Considering the recent explosion in activity and exposure in the last few days, it seemed a good time to share this request for help. At the moment, PAX Nation NEEDS more resources than it offers. This WILL change, but any growing community will need resources that are not always readily available.

Help spread the word! It would be great if you added this image to your website (with a link to PAX Nation), someplace where it would be seen but not distract from the main focus of the site.  It would look great on social networking pages too!

Join the development team!

The most valuable resources are time and heart ...

Currently we are in need of people willing to commit to a positive movement for change. If you have programming skills (or ANY skills that you think could enhance this project) and free time, we welcome your help! Contact us at

The primary resource for PAX Nation is … and always WILL be … active participants. Without caring, INVOLVED people, this is is nothing more than a set of ideals mixed with some progressive ideas. Words and ideas have the power to MOTIVATE, but if not acted upon, they never become more than POTENTIAL. The types of skills needed will grow and evolve as the Nation does. Below is a list of some skill sets we currently could use:

  • Blog writers

    All citizens can right blog posts. We need folk to share about their organizations, their communities, their expertise … anything they feel is worth sharing.

  • Forum moderators

    Communications are one of the most important tools for cooperation. There are several opportunities for discussion, with the possibility for many more. Moderators will keep things moving and civil.

  • Web Developers

    For the community to develop to its full potential, we need IT professionals who can maximize the web functionality.

  • Entrepreneurs

    We need business savvy people to help get the backing and resources necessary for the nation to grow.

  • Social Networking Gurus

    Social Networking is essential for an online community. With so many out there, we need people dedicated simply to spreading the word and interacting with the many networks.

  • Webmasters

    This project will keep growing, most likely eventually becoming a network of sites. Management will require a conscientious team.

I until we establish funding sources and a functional internal economy, all positions will be voluntary. This will change as PAX Nation starts truly taking form.

We need ideas!!

Another important resource is ideas. How can we improve the website? The whole plan? How can we help Pax Nation grow? What actions can we take? ANY ideas are worth looking at, and NONE are of any value if not shared.

The funding dilemma!

As much as an ideal world will not be totally dependent on money … this is not yet an ideal world. If it were, PAX Nation would not be needed. Sadly money is a key to growth in our current world culture, and thus a resource that needs to be gathered. The Marketplace is intended to aid this need, but (at the moment anyway) we need other sources. Crowd funding and grants are options that need to be explored. Donations are also an option. If you have ANY resources that can help with funding, please CONTACT US!

I would like to help!


Thank you for your offer to aid in the development of PAX Nation. We will contact you shortly to explore how we can work together help make a healthy Global Community.

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By Steve Kramer On September 26, 2016 7:28 pm

Unexpected, but very welcome, progress!


Apparently signing The Charter for Compassion was the snowflake I needed to start an avalanche. In the last four days, there have literally been as many visits to PAX Nation as in the ENTIRE YEAR until this point. Enough people have registered (and hopefully will continue to) to truly call this a community. I started this project in December of 2012, right after the Sandy Hook shooting. That event kind of tipped the scales with my general dissatisfaction of the course humanity was taking. The idea got a lot of thumbs up at first … with little other support beyond that. Despite the apparent lack of support, and due to my general stubbornness, I have kept at it, with a few extended interruptions (such as an attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail). In recent months, I decided to commit to it fully, and reworked the entire project. Apparently I have learned much of what I needed to learn, and found much of what I needed to find, because I seem to be on the right course finally!


It's all about communications!

The key to a successful online community is effective communication. Technically, the key to ANY community is effective communication. I have updated the Forum pages, adding some general topics that are issues that those who would change the world need to deal with. I encourage EVERYONE to join any conversation that interests you. Or start one on what is near and dear to you. For PAX Nation to be successful, first we need to start talking with each other!

If anyone wants to moderate or guide conversation, your help would be most welcome. Drop me a line, or post on my profile.

How else can I get involved?

Cooperation is about sharing: sharing resources, sharing ideas, sharing goals. PAX Nation is all about creating a cooperative effort, removing many of the barriers that might prevent this from happening. Check out the slightly modified and expanded resource section. Maybe you want to use the Marketplace. Or learn about Partnership opportunities. If you, or someone you know has some skills to offer and time to spare, see what PAX Nation needs.

Working together is the key to advancing all of our causes. Take advantage. Don’t just be a name on a list!


For this idea to have any success, the Citizens need to be active.  Many of you have your own projects to put forward, which is exactly what PAX Nation is about. Here we can connect with like minded people who might have alternate goals, or come from other areas. If somebody needs what we offer, we can connect with them and do what we can to help. If you have needs that you cannot meet elsewhere, maybe they will be met here. But it will only work if we USE the site. Set up your profiles. I will add the capacity for making friends and adding photos and videos shortly. Write a blog post! Tell us about your specific projects, or teach us about your part of the world. And most importantly, TELL OTHERS about PAX Nation. For us to be a truly effective community; for us to actually become a presence in the world, requires that we continue to grow and evolve!

How far can we go?

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By Steve Kramer On September 8, 2016 4:45 pm

More site improvements

Before this project can become an Active Community for Change,  It needs to become an actual community. So far I have failed to make this happen. But I continue to work at it, and maybe with patience and perseverance, the effort will not be in vain. As I have mentioned before, the biggest challenge that PAX Nation needs to overcome to grow at the moment is lack of resources (material, financial, AND human). Thus growth is slow.  I have recently been devoting my time to a couple of other projects intended to help with the financial issue. Most of my focus has been on my photo website, for a few reasons. One I have a LOT of photos to share. Two I have some skill with a camera, so don’t feel it inappropriate to offer the ability to purchase my artwork in various forms. Finally I want to use some of my photos to help PAX Nation grow.

That said, I have started adding some pictures from my own adventures to Images from afar … a page devoted to sharing images of the variety and beauty that this world has to offer. I have many of my own pictures to share, but as with everything else in this project, it is not intended to be just me sharing MY life. I have also added the ability for others to upload images that THEY would like to share. Even if we do not have the capacity to CHANGE the world yet here, we certainly can share information about our part of it with others. I encourage folk to upload pictures that are indicative of your part of the world. Images of nature, of people, of civilization … whatever you think is worth sharing. I had already included the ability for members to write their own blog posts, but I have added some posting guidelines to the page. Let your voice be hear about … whatever it is you wish to share.

By Steve Kramer On August 26, 2016 9:13 pm

Another community update

Back again!!

I have done a few more modifications to the site, and hopefully made a few more improvements. I have opted for a different method to add social networking features. They are prettier than the last attempt, and seemingly more functional. User profiles are a little more elaborate, and one can actually view their own profile now (something I did not realize we could not do before … part of the reason for the new method). Take a peek at My profile and Meet our citizens!. There is also a new page for general activity updates.

Also, I have added in the ability for registered members to write their own blog posts. I am using that feature right now to test it out. Members have a fair amount of flexibility as far as the posts appearance, including the ability to add media. All posts will be vetted before final publication, just to make sure they are not spam or somehow not suitable to the aims of the community, but it will take some serious effort to be denied. Their might be some minor editing to correct for typos and such, but for the most part the posts will be as written. If the list of categories does not apply to the needs of the post, contact us and we will make sure the desired category is added in.

The network is still pretty simple, but I have plans of adding in many more features, such as the ability to have friends and interact with them in several different ways. There will be chat and messaging and groups. There also will be the ability to add media to he profiles, as well as more customization features for them. Unfortunately the more advanced features require resources I don’t have yet, but since our user base is still small (and basically inactive), they are not needed yet.

I encourage members to become more active and try out some of the new features. I have been trying to trim the user list to actual people, so if I inadvertently deleted a real account, I apologize. Please register again!

I hope all enjoy the changes. As always, feedback and suggestions are quite welcome!

The Road to Entropy I wrote this a several years ago on a whim. I first shared it with the world back when I first started blogging in 2010. With the current issues involving the environment, I felt like I needed to share it again. It is a bit tongue-in-cheek, ... Read More
By Steve Kramer On July 12, 2013 6:04 pm

Building blocks

I am not a huge fan of capitalism. But it is the way of the world now, so obviously we cannot ignore it. It is one of those ideas that can be of great benefit if used correctly. Unfortunately like so many good ideas, it has fallen into the power of those who wish to benefit only themselves. As long as personal agendas take precedence over the needs of humanity as a whole, no “good” idea will really work. Money is a wonderful tool. But as greed and selfishness take the world over, it has become the aim instead of the method. But like any tool, the tool itself is neither good or bad. It all depends on how it is used.

If this crazy project of mine ever has a chance of working, it will need more than just human resources ( though I am still struggling to get those as well), but material resources as well. Even a virtual nation will need commerce of some sort to survive … until humanity changes its views on material wealth. I am barely in a position to support myself financially, let alone a build a theoretic nation of unknown size. So it seems prudent that I actually spend some of my time actually earning some money. Me being me, I could not just go with some traditional job, so I sought out something that, to me at least, is in keeping with my personal goals. I have found something along those lines, and am now in the process of trying to make it into something viable. To that end, I am spreading the word wherever I can. Hopefully, the combined efforts will someday bear fruit worthy of the effort.

start with the body

That said, I would like to introduce my newest project, It all starts with the body. I have said many times that the way to a healthy world starts with a healthy self.  In a holistic view of health, this means a healthy physical body, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul. We cannot forget the basics, so the starting point is simple physical health. From that we can start changing the world. Please visit my new site, and if you find that it speaks to you in any way, well we can go from there. If not, I still welcome other resources to make this project grow 😀