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Be a candle! Chase away the darkness …POTENTIAL adjective: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. noun: latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. In physics, potential refers to the amount of work necessary to bring something ... Read More
Introducing the Time Bank PAX Nation is meant to be a cooperative community. It is not just about like minded people socializing, but rather coming together in an effort to actively change the world. Everyone here has their priorities, but we also accept and support the priorities of others. The ... Read More
By Steve Kramer On September 28, 2016 5:09 pm

A few things needed by PAX Nation

Considering the recent explosion in activity and exposure in the last few days, it seemed a good time to share this request for help. At the moment, PAX Nation NEEDS more resources than it offers. This WILL change, but any growing community will need resources that are not always readily available.

Help spread the word! It would be great if you added this image to your website (with a link to PAX Nation), someplace where it would be seen but not distract from the main focus of the site.  It would look great on social networking pages too!

Join the development team!

The most valuable resources are time and heart ...

Currently we are in need of people willing to commit to a positive movement for change. If you have programming skills (or ANY skills that you think could enhance this project) and free time, we welcome your help! Contact us at

The primary resource for PAX Nation is … and always WILL be … active participants. Without caring, INVOLVED people, this is is nothing more than a set of ideals mixed with some progressive ideas. Words and ideas have the power to MOTIVATE, but if not acted upon, they never become more than POTENTIAL. The types of skills needed will grow and evolve as the Nation does. Below is a list of some skill sets we currently could use:

  • Blog writers

    All citizens can right blog posts. We need folk to share about their organizations, their communities, their expertise … anything they feel is worth sharing.

  • Forum moderators

    Communications are one of the most important tools for cooperation. There are several opportunities for discussion, with the possibility for many more. Moderators will keep things moving and civil.

  • Web Developers

    For the community to develop to its full potential, we need IT professionals who can maximize the web functionality.

  • Entrepreneurs

    We need business savvy people to help get the backing and resources necessary for the nation to grow.

  • Social Networking Gurus

    Social Networking is essential for an online community. With so many out there, we need people dedicated simply to spreading the word and interacting with the many networks.

  • Webmasters

    This project will keep growing, most likely eventually becoming a network of sites. Management will require a conscientious team.

I until we establish funding sources and a functional internal economy, all positions will be voluntary. This will change as PAX Nation starts truly taking form.

We need ideas!!

Another important resource is ideas. How can we improve the website? The whole plan? How can we help Pax Nation grow? What actions can we take? ANY ideas are worth looking at, and NONE are of any value if not shared.

The funding dilemma!

As much as an ideal world will not be totally dependent on money … this is not yet an ideal world. If it were, PAX Nation would not be needed. Sadly money is a key to growth in our current world culture, and thus a resource that needs to be gathered. The Marketplace is intended to aid this need, but (at the moment anyway) we need other sources. Crowd funding and grants are options that need to be explored. Donations are also an option. If you have ANY resources that can help with funding, please CONTACT US!

I would like to help!


Thank you for your offer to aid in the development of PAX Nation. We will contact you shortly to explore how we can work together help make a healthy Global Community.

Required fields not completed correctly.

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By Steve Kramer On September 26, 2016 7:28 pm

Unexpected, but very welcome, progress!


Apparently signing The Charter for Compassion was the snowflake I needed to start an avalanche. In the last four days, there have literally been as many visits to PAX Nation as in the ENTIRE YEAR until this point. Enough people have registered (and hopefully will continue to) to truly call this a community. I started this project in December of 2012, right after the Sandy Hook shooting. That event kind of tipped the scales with my general dissatisfaction of the course humanity was taking. The idea got a lot of thumbs up at first … with little other support beyond that. Despite the apparent lack of support, and due to my general stubbornness, I have kept at it, with a few extended interruptions (such as an attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail). In recent months, I decided to commit to it fully, and reworked the entire project. Apparently I have learned much of what I needed to learn, and found much of what I needed to find, because I seem to be on the right course finally!


It's all about communications!

The key to a successful online community is effective communication. Technically, the key to ANY community is effective communication. I have updated the Forum pages, adding some general topics that are issues that those who would change the world need to deal with. I encourage EVERYONE to join any conversation that interests you. Or start one on what is near and dear to you. For PAX Nation to be successful, first we need to start talking with each other!

If anyone wants to moderate or guide conversation, your help would be most welcome. Drop me a line, or post on my profile.

How else can I get involved?

Cooperation is about sharing: sharing resources, sharing ideas, sharing goals. PAX Nation is all about creating a cooperative effort, removing many of the barriers that might prevent this from happening. Check out the slightly modified and expanded resource section. Maybe you want to use the Marketplace. Or learn about Partnership opportunities. If you, or someone you know has some skills to offer and time to spare, see what PAX Nation needs.

Working together is the key to advancing all of our causes. Take advantage. Don’t just be a name on a list!


For this idea to have any success, the Citizens need to be active.  Many of you have your own projects to put forward, which is exactly what PAX Nation is about. Here we can connect with like minded people who might have alternate goals, or come from other areas. If somebody needs what we offer, we can connect with them and do what we can to help. If you have needs that you cannot meet elsewhere, maybe they will be met here. But it will only work if we USE the site. Set up your profiles. I will add the capacity for making friends and adding photos and videos shortly. Write a blog post! Tell us about your specific projects, or teach us about your part of the world. And most importantly, TELL OTHERS about PAX Nation. For us to be a truly effective community; for us to actually become a presence in the world, requires that we continue to grow and evolve!

How far can we go?

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By Steve Kramer On July 12, 2016 3:05 pm

Making an idea a reality

1302 days ago, I had an idea.

1302 Days. Three years, six months and twenty-four days. A mere moment in terms of human history … not even noticeable in terms of the lifetime of the earth, yet to mere mortals a momentous enough amount of time for significant change. I am the same person that had that idea … yet I am not. For nobody is the same from one moment to the next, and much has happened to me in those three and a half years.

I am still just an unspectacular person. I have not suddenly achieved celebrity. There still would be no reason anyone should know me unless our paths have crossed through our journeys in life. I am still just another ordinary person.

But my eyes still see, and my heart still beats. My core values have not changed. I continue to believe that we are all in this life journey TOGETHER. I continue to think that cooperation and complementing each other is the key to the survival of our species … our very planet … and not constant separation and conflict.

The way humanity keeps acting in recent years though, it still appears I am in the minority.

Greed and selfishness continue to be the driving force of humanity. Those who value material wealth over life itself retain control; we remain divided for all the wrong reasons, and it again seems to be getting worse. Of course it has only been three years, and there really is not reason to expect any grand changes to miraculously appear, for it is ultimately up to humanity itself to change things … if it truly WANTS to.

Self-deception continues to reign supreme, thanks to increased violence and advances in technology that make the spreading of hatred and misinformation easier and easier. Education and critical thinking are taking a back seat to propaganda and fear. Those with clear eyes and clear heads are rarely heard over the incessant bleating of the easily manipulated, and the howling of the predators that herd them.

Hope, like the sun, is always there ... even if it cannot easily be seen.

Hope, like the sun, is always there … even if it cannot easily be seen.

Yet my idea remains.

My life in the last 1302 days has both increased my despair for humanity’s future, and increased my determination to help alter the direction of said future. Recently, the despair has been in control, causing me to lose faith in myself and humanity in general. As a result my crazy idea, along with several other related projects were left unattended. Even though I still  KNOW I am not the only person fed up with humanity’s reckless direction, I seem to be unable to find those others who think as I do. Feeling hopeless and, frankly, HELPLESS, I began giving up on … well … everything. I am existing instead of living, with little hope, let alone focus.

One thing I am, strength or weakness (or a bit of both) yet to be determined, is STUBBORN. My determination may wane, even disappear for a bit … but it ALWAYS returns.

My idea still may be insane. It remains to be seen if I have a chance of making something so out there happen. But one thing is clearer than ever. I neither have the resources nor the skills to do it alone. Even if the birth of an actual internet nation is beyond our reach, it is still possible to build an active community of like-minded individuals that are not defined by location or other arbitrary labels, but rather by a shared determination to bring humanity to a productive and healthy path. That is ultimately what this project is about, and what I have so far failed to do.

I have been surprised to find that despite my lack of activity in recent weeks, we continue to have those who seem to support it trickle in. This makes me believe that it truly CAN turn into something, even if it is still a remote possibility. But we need more than just the occasional like on a Facebook page. We need more than someone registering and then never doing anything else. For any chance at a community that can make a difference, we need active participants. We need others to share their own crazy ideas. We need to take these ideas to the next level, by ACTING on them. We need to share with each other, and find those others who would willing be part of a … MOVEMENT.

No idea will ever be more than just an idea without ACTION, and no single person can change much of anything ALONE. I do not wish this to be just another site that has a crazy man preaching his ideals, nor do I wish it to be yet another pointless social network. It is meant to be an active community, a gathering place of humans who believe in the value of life … humans that believe governments and economies serve humanity and not the other way around. PAX Nation is here to remove lines on maps and let ALL people unite in common goals, embracing our uniqueness as nothing more than an opportunity to grow.

So I ask again folks … who wants to help me change the world?

By Steve Kramer On October 23, 2015 9:49 pm

Jumping in once again!

I have been struggling for a while now. Struggling with my sense of purpose. Struggling with living in a society I am losing more and more respect for; struggling to find where to put my foot next as I walk along my path in life. My recent wanderings have taught me much … about myself, about society and humanity in general. Not all of what I have learned was pleasant. It just reinforced in me the need to make a difference, even if it is only within myself. Yet somehow that seems insufficient. Humanity is losing itself to greed and selfishness, and too many of us are just sitting and watching it happen … giving ourselves all sorts of self-justifying reasons. It really needs to stop if we don’t want society as we know it to fragment completely, possibly in our own lifetime.

While I was away, this project, and most of the others I started, got tainted by the aforementioned human traits, ant this page specifically got damaged by hacking for the simple need to spam the world with garbage for the sake of profit. I have had to rebuild much of it from scratch (with still much to do), which in itself is not a bad thing. I have made changes to my initial plan, though the basic goal remains the same. I am still trying to build a community of “right” thinkers, hopefully to someday be a force for change in the world. So I have done some major changes to the site, some cosmetic, some hopefully functional. It is now a functional (if rudimentary) social network. There is a place for discussion, and some of the basic features of digital social interaction. We can create groups, and have friends. There is a rudimentary messaging system (though it seems to be having issues at the moment). In short, all the tools to start a community.

The only thing lacking is members.

So I once again am putting out the plea for help. If you find any merit at all in this crazy idea of mine, or simply want to find friends from all over who may have a similar level of awareness, join my site. I am simply one moderately skilled dreamer looking to make a difference. Imagine what could happen if my one became many, and my meager skills became a collection of masters. anything can happen if an idea … no matter how farfetched … has enough support and energy behind it. We have managed to make a mess of the world with some less than practical ideas as proof. So how about joining me in trying to shift humanity’s direction to something a little less self-destructive?

I am stubborn and will keep plodding on alone if I must … but it would be so much easier with a few other plodders at my side.

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By Steve Kramer On February 11, 2014 6:10 pm

Plans and more plans

When I first came up with this project, it struck me like a flash of lightning in a night-time stormy sky. For a period, I was sure this was going to be the definition of my life for some time now. But as reality often does, my euphoria at finding a new path for myself eventually settled down, and it did not take me long to realize that not only was this not an idea I could remotely do alone, but even with help it would be a long shot. But bad odds are rarely a good reason not to pursue a worthwhile dream. So I continued to pursue it. Along the way, as life often does, more doors opened up. It has been my experience then when we open ourselves to fresh paths and ideas, they start flooding in again. The next thing I know, I have seven active blogs (including this one), one dabbling in business, and a plan to hike the Appalachian Trail. I am sure I have mentioned them all before. The blogs (including the business ones), while not exactly unproductive, are also not particularly productive. So over the last few months, my concentration has been more and more focused on the Hike. I have other projects I was working on (such as a couple of manuscripts) that have also taken a back seat.

Why am I bringing this up? Part of what makes me ME is that I wish to do nothing other than help improve the world around me. And the way I most successfully do that is by either helping OTHERS obtain their dreams, or by getting good projects started, which others eventually take over and make into something worthwhile. I am an idea mind, but I am not very detail oriented. That is really what PAX Nation is intended to be. A forum; a think tank in which those with unconventional ideas can gather together and maybe find actual SOLUTIONS for many of the world’s problems … partially by stepping OUTSIDE of previously designated boundaries. I never expected it to happen overnight. And I KNOW I am NOT the person to do such great deeds, even if I might be a good spark to ignite others.

It has become more and more apparent to me that IF this idea has merit … it is not the time for it yet. Right now we are again fighting for basic net neutrality, which is a NECESSITY for PAX Nation to have ANY hope of growth. But beyond that, I have not really managed to get much more than a passing interest in the project over the course of months. I have opened it up to allow any to contribute ideas that wish to; I have tried to make it into a rudimentary social site … both with little success. It is my failing of course, because I have not really succeeded in obtaining even minimal help on the project. Most of the “contributions” have been simply spammers and scammer who love to do nothing other than use openness as a source to inundate the public with more garbage in the pursuit of profit. Fortunately I got wise to this early on and changed things so that they can’t automatically post without approval (unless given that permission.)

None of this really matters though. I am not writing this as a bid for attention or another plea. I just wanted to let any who actually find some value know that the site will basically be on hiatus while I am involved with the hike. I will be leaving at the end of March, and it will take approximately 6 months. Which basically means this project will go on the shelf for most of that time. I might occasionally step in, and I will probably post a few more times before I leave. But other than that, this idea is getting top shelved for a while. Unless anyone thinks it is worth keeping it alive and wants to take it on some management of the project (if so, feel free to contact me). I will mostly just be blogging on the Hiking Blog, so all of the other blogs will pretty much be on hold as well. If anyone has any interest in following my adventure (or even participating on any level), I welcome them. I will have this blog automatically follow that one, or people can visit the other blog directly.

Brave the discomfort! As I have no doubt mentioned many times, progress is all about change. If we want to improve our lives, whether on a personal, societal, or global level, then we must change that which does not work for us. This often means changing our attitude about “things” ... Read More
By Steve Kramer On December 5, 2013 10:25 pm

Growing the Nation

PAX Nation was conceived as just that … an online Nation. The intent has always been to create an online community. However I want to create more than just a Social Network. The goal is to create a full community of like-minded souls who can have a unified impact on the world. A community … a NATION … complete with laws and commerce and everything else that defines an offline community. The difference simply being that we are united not by a location; not by a specific belief system or ethnicity or background, rather we are untied by a common goal to build a world that embraces tolerance and love; a world that chooses peaceful means to resolve conflict instead of violence and selfish motives.

Obviously this will be no easy thing to achieve. Many may not even understand the concept, or believe it can ever happen. But I am never one to do things the easy way. I started with the idea, and then created the basic webpage … in other words I planted a seed. And while it is by no means dying, it is not prospering either. But such grand plans (doable or not) require patience. And persistence. So I keep plugging along.

As I was pursuing another project, I encountered some useful tools that would benefit the growth of PAX Nation, and I have begun implementing them. While we are still far from an actual COMMUNITY, we are now more than just a website / blog. We have now entered the realm of Social Network. I have begun adding the capacity to create our own profiles, create friends lists, message each other, and have discussions via a forum. Granted it is a very rudimentary social network right now, and I am still trying to figure out how to make certain thins work, but the planted seed has definitely begun sprouting.

However, I am still lacking in one thing. Community members. I have roughly 1600 followers of the FB page for PAX Nation, which is nothing to complain about, but it also essentially means nothing too. The number of those people who actually pay attention to activity on the Nation let alone get involved is very small. As for registered members to the Nation (Citizens), we have about 30, and a number of those may not be real people. It’s a start … but a slow one. So I am once again asking for participation, especially now that there is a way that we can actively interact. Become a citizen today! Anyone can read and comment on posts, as well as read forum discussion. But if you wish to be able to actually participate in discussion, or even post blog posts, then you must be a registered citizen. Initially, blog posts need to be approved before they get posted (to ensure they are not spam and that people know what they are doing) but eventually that restriction will be removed. There are no restriction on forum usage (other than the mandatory need for RESPECT). So what do you say? Help me make this community a TRUE community. Not only do I ask that you sign up, but tell any friends who might find the ideal worthwhile as well!

Right now this community can barely be called a small village. But with help and determination, a nation will be born yet!

Purpose and doubt

I have been quiet here lately, as is no doubt obvious to any who actually pay attention to this site. Some might be curious why, more likely few are really interested. And that is precisely why I have been quiet. I have once again been wrestling with the concept of “Why bother?” What is the ... Read More