I have an idea …

"Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind."
-Theodore Roosevelt

What defines a great thought … a great idea? Do we think it is great because of who said it? Or maybe because it is a thought that speaks to us; a thought that we can fully get behind. There are many great thinkers out there, always coming up with wonderful ideas. But what if a thought comes from an “ordinary” person. Just a random thought that occurred to someone. Can it not also be a great thought? Even though the person is not a celebrity, or widely know for their wisdom or power?

The simple answer is: Yes, of course it can. Wisdom is not the soul purview of the famous. Good ideas are not good simply because a powerful person came up with them. Everybody has the ability to think. And every thought has its own merits. Sadly, we live in societies where original thinking is often discouraged. If an idea … no matter how good an idea … goes against the “norm”, or maybe is a bit hard to understand for closed-minded thinkers, then it is often simply ridiculed or ignored altogether. People see this happening all the time, and as a result they will often doubt their own ideas, even if they have merit. Or maybe they will be afraid to share them with others at all.

The truth is that every great innovation, whether we are talking advances in science or culture … every one of them began with a simple thought. And in many cases these were thoughts that were ridiculed; thoughts that others said were crazy or even impossible. Yet with perseverance and courage, the originators of these thoughts held on to them, until eventually some of them became a reality.

A thought not shared is simply words or images in a mind. Share the thought, and we plant a seed. But for a thought to manifest fully, we must go beyond thinking. We must act upon it. Action is the ONLY way to bring a thought into a functional reality. That is the process. Have an idea, share the idea, act upon the idea.

This project itself is demonstrating this concept. I had an idea. Some might think it is crazy or impossible, but I am pursuing it anyway. I am now acting on the idea. It may or may not become fruitful action, but it now at least has a chance of success.

I know that I am not the only one with “crazy” ideas. So I wish others to share their ideas with me, with PAX Nation. We will turn no idea aside, because there is not such thing as a stupid idea. By expressing an idea, we always plant another seed. Sure some ideas will not be fruitful, but they can always lead to other thoughts. This forum is for anyone who has a thought on how they would like to improve the world. We will share them here, for others to see and share. If many think it is a good idea, maybe we can make it happen together. Or maybe others will be inspired to think more thoughts from the ones you have shared. No one man person can think of everything.

So if you have a novel idea about change; a thought about how to improve humanity’s relations with each other and the world, this is the place to share it! And hopefully, together we will make it into a reality.

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