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Even if the most ethical people were elected to high position and we ran out of resources, there would still be lying, cheating, stealing, and corruption. It is not ethical people that are needed but rather a way of intelligently managing the Earth's resources for everyone's well-being.
-Jacque Fresco

Life is a series of differing levels of complexity. Even the most simple of life forms has several systems that are needed for them to function … the most basic being a way to sustain themselves and a way to reproduce. In a sense, this is what defines a living organism. By this loose definition, any sustainable society can be called a form of living organism. Societies need to be able to maintain their energy levels as well, and they need the ability to reproduce and grow, or they too will simply be no more. The society’s “food” is the resources it uses, and its method of reproduction will depend on the nature of the society. Just like any other “living” organism. As life gets more complicated, the various systems it needs grow more varied and complex as well. So it is with societies. They will range from “single cell organisms” – basically a single being, to complex and highly developed organisms – “modern cultures”. Societal organizations are not limited to humans by any means, which fits this model.

If we think of more technologically advanced humans as the equivalent of an “advanced” society, then we will recognize that there are many things that need to happen before we can call that organism healthy. The basics are still the resources it needs to function (food) and the ability to grow, but there are so many more. A healthy society needs to be able to heal itself when injured. It needs to be able to defend itself when threatened. And it needs to be able to interact with other organisms.

This interaction itself has several possible forms. Socialization. Threat assessment. And Ultimately, some form of economy. With this in mind, if we want PAX Nation to become a healthy and growing organism, among other things we need to develop an economy. In the past I posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek but still relevant discussion on some of my views of modern economies, so won’t go into detail here. But it still remains necessary to start building and economy fot this nacent community to become an actual society. Just like all of our other laws, much will have to be determined to see what kind of commerce is in keeping with PAX Nation’s goals, but this is the starting point. Here is where we will begin creating the resources and projects to build our economy. In my mind, commerce in PAX Nation should be focused on fairness and service. While profit is not evil, it should be used for growth, not to satisfy greed. That said, we begin.

Managing the world's resources

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