Our Partners

PAX Nation also supports SPIRITUAL currency … some may call it karma. Essentially, just because an entity does not directly support us, we will still support THEM. These are organizations that we have encountered or have some connection with that have a similar set of goals and / or ideals as PAX nation. It can only benefit all concerned by helping them if we can. This will be a constantly growing list.

Established partnerships

Let's work together!

If your organization can benefit from a direct partnership, contact us. The chances of goals being achieved increase with the number of people supporting those goals. Cooperation is key to growing those numbers. If we join together, we strengthen the Nation as a whole, as well as provide YOUR specific cause with a whole new resource pool.

The whole concept behind PAX Nation is that our lives should be governed by compassion. The hope for a healthy and growing Earth Community requires that compassion be our guide in ALL interactions with others. This is not limited to personal relations, but should also be the guiding force in how we interact on a community level as well. If those who govern us came from a compassionate mindset, instead of a greed and power based one, the energy of the world would shift. That is the goal of the Charter for Compassion … affirming compassion on a community level.
One of the specific goals of PAX Nation is to provide support for those who may not be able to get it by other means. It might be as simple as spreading the word for a cause that truly benefits from exposure. Equality Heals Africa is an organization devoted to helping the marginalized population in a highly oppressive government. Many of the of their activities, and those of the people they support, are considered illegal in Uganda, which makes their struggle for change that much harder. A global effort may be required in such situations, and our partnership opens the door for just such an effort.

Organizations and causes we endorse

There is so much going on in this world of ours, and even with the power of the internet it is difficult to keep track of it all. If you know of an organization that is in keeping with the goals of PAX Nation and The Charter for Compassion, let us know, so we can point people their way.