Time Bank

This is a rudimentary beginning to establishing the economy of PAX Nation. The goal is an exchange system that places value on all resources that one has to offer (not just money). Time can have as much value as an object. It is essentially the beginning of a barter system, where those with needs can meet those who can meet said needs. At the moment, the point system is nothing more than a way to encourage interaction. Eventually it will have practical value in the “real” world.

My Bank Account

Available Balance:


service minutes


The greatest resource anyone can offer here is their time. Therefore time is the default currency unit. One “service minute” = one minute. The bank balance can be used to “purchase” resources. They can also represent the value of a resource offered. Minutes can be earned just by being active on the site. You also automatically earn 2% more on a monthly basis.


Send service minutes

Do you want to send someone service minutes? Perhaps you just feel like sending a gift, or maybe you need to pay for services rendered. You can do it here. Just enter the user id and amount you wish to transfer.

Recent account activity

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Buy service minutes

It is possible to buy service minutes at a rate of 15USD per hour (60 service minutes). Right now this is essentially just a donation to the growth of the project, but as the value of PAX Nation’s currency gains real world significance, this will be a currency exchange. All purchases will currently be through PayPal. Just enter the amount you wish to purchase.


I have something to offer!

If you have a resource you wish to share, whether it be your time, a specific product, or some other resource, you can offer it here.

I need some help!

Do you need something? Manpower? A specific skill set? A resource you have no access to? Ask here!