How do I become a citizen?

Essentially, if you are part of this world, you are already a citizen of PAX Nation. Most of the struggles we face in society stem from so many of us forgetting that we are all part of a global community. This project is not an attempt to create a NEW idea, but rather an effort to remind people what already is. We are just trying to create a central forum to share this simple fact. Right now the digital nation is an in its infancy … merely an expressed idea. I am currently the only active citizen, so it is up to me to decide who I am willing have join me. I am not judgmental. I accept all for who they are. My only requirement at the moment is that anyone who wishes to join me is as open, and willing. Already a few have expressed interest in my crazy idea simply by following this blog. Eventually this will expand in features, allowing our citizens to develop profiles and to truly partake in the activities of the nation. Ultimately it will become a fully functional, self-sustaining community (or so I hope). But none of this will happen until we have more people on board who want to help the idea grow into a reality. I have started a list of the ideals that I hope this nation to live by. This list will grow and evolve as more people join and add their input. Eventually when we have a healthy group of creative minds to work with, we will take the list one step further and turn it into our “constitution”.

If you DO choose to register, a confirmation email will be sent to verify that you are indeed a human and interested. Check your junk mail folders, and add [email protected] to your safe senders list. This will be the only email you will receive unless in response to communications that YOU have initiated.

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