Am I open to the following concepts?

  • ALL life is sacred.

  • Violence rarely solves anything.

  • If violence is required, it should be the LAST resort.

  • Money is a means, not an end.

  • No THING has more value than life.

  • Peace is a choice.

  • Appearance does not determine the quality of a human being.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but they are not entitled to try to force them on others.

  • There is no GOOD reason for one human to kill another.

  • Children are our future.

  • Everybody is entitled to live how they choose, as long as their choices do not interfere with other people’s lives.

  • We do not own the earth. Rather we are part of it.

  • Education is not just a necessity, it is also a basic human right.

  • Shelter, food in the stomach, and healthcare are also basic human rights.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the human body, nor any natural act that a human may do with their body.

If you said yes to the majority of these ideas, and are genuinely open to the rest, then you belong in PAX Nation.


If you believe in these ideals, you might also want to sign The Charter for Compassion

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