A bit o' newness

I am trying something new.

Trying something new is not actually new to me. A me that was was always trying something new … often so much that it is questionable if anything ever got old. More recent mes seem to have gotten mired in the old, and maybe even a little … frightened … of the new. That in itself was new. Unfortunately new is not always pleasant. Just new.

In an effort to get back to past mes, I am trying this new new thing. And for the most part, it is completely new … to ALL mes. This makes it and ideal new, the kind of new that makes fresh starts.

So “What,” you may or may not be asking yourself right now, “is the new new thing that you are newly doing?”

I will tell you.

The new office ...
The new office …

At last count I have six blogs. I seem to be attempting to share my views of life with others. However I have also been living in a cave for several years now. It seems the very least, inefficient, to comment on life if one is not living it.  Now that my favorite local watering hole has played the Phoenix (almost literally), I have someplace that I actually enjoy being IN the world again. Since I have been sincerely lacking motivation, inspiration, and frankly, material, in my cave, I have decided to move my office to said watering hole. This is my first creation from my new office.

This serves multiple purposes. I am rejoining the world. I am getting exercise … I am actually including it in my training regimen for the AT Hike I am going on next year. It is two and a half miles one way to the office, and I am walking with my life in a pack. And I am getting fresh input … dare I say even inspiration … from this new new newness.

Granted this is the first day I am doing it, and there are a few obstacles to overcome (like a lack of plugs and a dying battery), but if it comes too easily it would not be fun!

Hope others will enjoy whatever comes of it as much as I do! 🙂