A call for healers…

We as humans are capable of amazing things.

We have power. The power to heal. The power to change our environment. The power to create. I, who claims to “know” nothing, KNOW THIS.

My older sister Deb died. Her heart stopped. She returned to us, but it was a difficult road for a bit.  Our family gathered to support her when she needed it most. Despite any estrangement or differences we may have, we did what families do.

I am a holistic healer. Some scoff at this, or disbelieve. I learned some skills in an organization just prior to this. My mother basically thought I was off my rocker. Until we all gathered at my sister’s bed one day.

She was in the ICU. Both my parent’s, my other sister (Lisa) and I were around her bed. Just giving our support. Another “sister” (her best friend at the time, Karen) was out of the room. Deb was obviously in pain. Her chest was very bruised from the cpr they needed to do to revive her. One could see the pain on her face. So I decided to help her with that.

I did my thing, which involved focus on my part, and a sort of “laying of hands”. In a few moments my sister breathed a sigh of relief, and the pain in her face was gone. My mother for the first time “believed”.

At this point Karen walked into the room. She had no idea what we had been doing. She exclaimed in surprise: “My teeth don’t hurt anymore!!” Apparently she had been to the dentist that morning and her mouth hurt. Until she walked into the aura of healing that I and my family were generating around Deb.

We as humans are capable of amazing things.

So why am I bringing this up now? Because the nephew of a blogging friend needs healing. As I would for anyone in need, I am sending what I have in his direction. But I also know that the power of one is nothing compared to the power of many. So I ask any who come across this to send your thoughts too; even directly with comments on my friends post. Together we can create a powerful force for healing.

We as humans are capable of amazing things. If only we set our minds to it.