A challenge #22KILL

Everyone faces challenges as we move forward in life. These challenges will take many forms, sometimes physical, sometimes mental, maybe even spiritual …  whatever form they take, we need to face them if we wish to continue to grow. We cannot compare our challenges to that of others, for we do not walk the same path. That said, some challenges can truly be formidable, and we may not envy those who need to face them.

But we can support them.

One of my personal challenges, and one that I find many share, is that I find it very difficult to maintain any kind of regular exercise program. I truly do not like regimented exercise and routine, even if I DO like being physically active. Since my current life is more stagnant than active, I am hard pressed to maintain optimum physical health, mostly from a severe lack of motivation. As anyone who has ever formally exercised can well attest, it takes no time at all to fall OUT of our personal ideal(annoying considering how long it takes to get INTO it) … making it even harder to start up again. Yet while I find it difficult to motivate myself just for me, I seem to have no problem getting motivated for a cause, or when specifically challenged. And lucky me, both have appeared before me.

Push ups are a very good all-purpose exercise. Regular push ups can do wonders for building energy and strength, and are generally a good exercise to include in any exercise routine. They can even have more power when doing them also brings awareness to a challenge that many of our fellow humans face … one that sadly has been forced upon them by the machinations of others. In this instance I speak of Veterans who suffer from PTSD … those whom the past won’t let go.  All too many of them find the only answer to their particular challenge is suicide, and this can not be tolerated. No one should be used by others to the point that they no longer feel their life has value. 22KILL is an organization devoted to bringing veterans the support of the community that uses them so hard, One of the methods they use to gather awareness is the 22 push up challenge that many may have encountered on social media. I was challenged to do 22 push ups for 22 days, with the caveat that I capture it on video and post it each day, and push the challenge on. So I am partaking. My first attempt is below. I realize how out of “shape” I have become as I start this, and thus will benefit myself as well.

Part of the process asks that we challenge others each day as well. Since I am trying to remove social networking from my diet, I am instead going to issue a blanket challenge to any who are willing to take it. Can you honor yourself AND our veterans?