A crazy thought!

I had this crazy thought the other day!

Of course anyone who has met me, or taken a peek at my blogs, may not actually be too surprised by this concept. I am just one bundle of crazy thoughts.

This particular crazy thought has taken hold though. All the voices in my head are having a field day with this particular thought. Once again it started with reading a blog post or four, as well as some comments I received the other day. The more I play in this wonderful universe of words, the more I see the ultimate power of blogging and the magic truly being wielded by the people behind the blogs.

So I hereby  present some questions and a challenge to my growing group of acquaintances and dare I say, friends, in the blogsphere. I am proposing a rather odd collaboration. I am not even sure it can be done, but ultimately I think the effort involved may well be worth the results. Or maybe that is one of the voices rationalizing.

Do any of you remember Hands Across America? Feel free to deny any knowledge … we don’t want any actual ages to be known. What I am proposing is a sort of Hands Across the Blogsphere. I used to do a game where a group of us would create a story together. One person would start with a sentence or two, then the next would add to it, and then the next, and we would keep taking turns until a story emerged.

I would love to try to do this across blogs. How might this work? Well we would each contribute a portion on a mutually agreed upon topic. In order to read the whole piece, on would have to visit all the blogs involved, in the correct order. Of course it would require a bit of coordination: scheduling the posting,figuring out who writes what, and making sure the whole enchilada was coherent (non-coherent enchiladas can be rather messy).

My questions:

  • Does anyone other than most of my internal voices even like this idea?
  • Does anyone else think it is actually possible?
  • Would anyone care to join me in doing such a thing?
  • If I actually got a few yeses to the last question, does anyone have suggestions for a potential topic?

The challenge:

Simple. Actually doing it. I think this could create something wonderful. Especially if the topic is something meaningful and important. And the more powerful if many bloggers actually did choose to do it. Not only could we share in expressing something important with many voices, we can also pretty much ensure a large number of readers. For each blogger will contribute their own unique audience. And it will also expand the exposure of individual blogs for those who are interested in that kind of things.

Any takers? Especially those of you in the Ahhsome Blogger Community? I would be more than willing to be the coordinator if anyone is actually interested in doing this.

Triple dog dare ya!

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Sorry for the mixed movie references →