A good day for a smile!

I have not written much of anything in the last few days (book included). My brain was just plain tired and achy. But it is time to kick into gear again, and what better way than this week’s 100 Word Challenge! So here goes:

It was a glorious day. A day filled with endless possibility. It was a day to start journeys; a day to create beauty. One just needed to take advantage of it. However some chose not to. The sun shone but there were those who did not choose to open their eyes to it. Some who would rather frown than smile; rather look into the shadows than the light. The set my purpose on fire. Today I was going to make some smiles! I set to with a will. We will have no shadow dwellers today if I could help it! Today we all smile!

Image by Steve Kramer

Not the best piece I ever wrote, but it has a nice feel to it 🙂