A good day!

"SpringToday I got out of bed bright and early. It being monday, which is weigh in day as I try to lose the extra person that seems to have hopped on board, and found that I actually made progress. The sun was up, and actually felt warm! Yep spring is definitely making its presence known finally. Let’s hope that it does not think it forgot something again and run home for a few more weeks. Feeling all energetic, I decided to go for that walk I keep promising myself everyday I will do, especially since I ran out of excuses NOT to.

First I had a proper breakfast. Then I got my camera ready, and dressed (all by myself mind you) in appropriate cross seasonal dress. You know, clothes that will keep off a chill if needed but can be easily packed away if it actually gets warm. I then headed out the door, with a spring in my step (pun intended), and got myself off at a good pace. I decided since that I would head in a direction I never really explored before, and see if maybe I will get some fresh views. After all walking in circles can tend to get a little stale.

The air smelled fresh and springy, and the birds were hollering away. It seemed a perfect day to recite my dad’s favorite welcome to spring:

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz,
I wonder where the boidies is?

The boids is on the wing!
No silly, the wings is on the boids!

This little passage has always heralded the true coming of spring in my family, and brings back fond memories of dad, so I say it loudly and proudly. Fortunately (?) nobody was around to be disturbed by a silly man shouting doggerel. I walked my walk, feeling buoyant as a got that first real taste of wander lust that spring always brings. I walked for a couple of hours, and think I must have gotten a good five or six miles in, and a bunch of good pictures to share. Better yet, I found a winning scratch ticket on the road! And now it is only lunch time, and I am full of energy for new adventures today.

And then I woke up, with two questions. Does exercise in dreams count? And does a dream fall under the category of April Fool’s Day joke on one self?

Did I get ya? Did I? Did I?