A hairy situation

Today was the kind of day where I needed some pure silliness. The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups often offers just what I need to wax nutty, and this week’s challenge worked well for it. The challenge:

…the hairs on my arms stood up…

On the surface ripe for a horror story or such, but have ya met me? So here is my bit o’ nonsense. Hope you enjoy!

Annabelle knew how to handle asses. His vanity prevented him from seeing that NO ONE could actually make his hair look good. There was no call for that kind of abuse. She called her grandmother.

Tony thought the package was a gift from his imagined list of admirers. The hair gel smelled very nice, and would no doubt enhance his magnificent mane. He wasted no time trying it out.

The doctor guffawed, “Then what Tony?”
“My skull started to tingle, and then the hairs on my arms stood up. Then on my legs. Before I knew it, THIS!”
“We will need some large scissors nurse!”