A long overdue bit of randomness

Is “there is an exception to every rule” a rule? If so, is there an exception to “there is an exception to every rule”? That would mean there is a rule that has no exceptions. What rule could that be? It would almost have to be the rule that “there is an exception to every rule”, otherwise “there is an exception to every rule” can’t be a rule.

Why isn’t freedom free?

If there is a god and god created EVERYTHING, did god create god? Isn’t that kind of like the big bang theory? If not, then where did god come from? Does god have existential crises as well? What is god’s religion? Of course if god did not create god, then what other “facts” about god are questionable (other than if god even exists).

Why is sharing  wealth with those who actually NEED it called socialism, but sharing  wealth with those who already have it called good business?

A random photo
A random photo

How many trees make a forest? How many people make a culture?

If morality is a fixed quantity, why does it need explaining? If morality can only be taught by another, it cannot be fixed, because lessons can be rewritten. So we either are hardwired for morality, in which case we all already KNOW right from wrong, or morality is a choice.

Some think that people cannot change. This is empirically false. People are changing every moment. Not only physically, but they experience new things moment to moment, which means change is constant … even if only in the level of experience. They may not learn, but they are always changing.

The sun rises every day whether we see it or not. We only truly need to worry when this stops happening.

An effective smile is not a function of the face, but of the heart. A laugh is just a smile with a LOT of momentum.

Wisdom and knowledge are often mutually exclusive.

And finally, I have way too much time on my hands.