A long overdue good deed …

I haven’t done any gratuitous plugging (other than maybe for myself) in a while. I feel so un-American now. But this is easily rectified, so here I go. Of course my plugs still qualify as invisible in the grand scheme of things, but for some people two new readers is still a bonus. For instance I would like to introduce a new goddess entering the pantheon of the blogshpere, known as The Bumbling Blonde. She just entered the sphere, but she will no doubt be among the greats in no time, considering she hobnobs with other blogging gods such as The Idiot, and Jamie (The Life of Jamie). The Idiot, who is currently taking a virtual bike tour of Europe, is, in fact, The Bumbling Blonde’s guru; sensei; guide in all things blogging.  With and Idiot to guide her, she cannot go wrong. I know Jamie mostly from her comments on other blogs, but every time I brave actually reading OTHER people’s blogs and visit hers, I am always inspired to thought and most likely laughter.

I also want to give a mention to another of my blogging friends. She was quiet for a while, but has recently jumped back in with among other things, examples of her amazing art skill. Take a wander over to athursdayschild for some beauty and good ole’ country wisdom. It is well worth the trip.

As always, if I truly wanted to name all the bloggers that I admire and inspire me, I would have a post that would put the biblical begat lists to shame. But my experience of the blogging world is that this is what we do. We share. Help each other out. Maybe by just reading. Or throwing in our support when support is needed. And occasionally a loud shout out to lend a hand, or simply because someone’s name was in the right place at the right time. Blogging at its utmost is about community. Building community. Sharing community. Supporting community. Otherwise we are just writing our journals to be hidden in drawers … never to be shared with another. And how will our thoughts ever make an impression then?

I almost made it to the end without a self plug, but I just can’t do it! After all I started a new blog myself recently (making it four blogs that nobody actually reads now 😀 ) Had to be done!