A long overdue moment.

I have been so busy lately trying to create masterpieces. So busy trying to find meaning; trying to find purpose. So busy highlighting the flaws I perceive in my own life and then doing my best to turn them into blessings. So busy trying to find today’s lesson. I have been so busy doing all of this that I have forgotten one of the basics.

I have forgotten to simply appreciate that I am alive. Forgotten that the simple fact of creation; existence; life is a truly amazing thing. So this moment I have but one goal with my words. To just be. And appreciate.

I am taking this moment to take a deep breath filled with the joy of existence. And breathe out the sorrow that my mind creates to test me. I am quieting my mind, and blocking out the cacophony of created stress to listen to the beautiful music beneath, the Rhythm of Life.

Ah yes. That is it. The essence of beauty … the glorious music of creation. Bliss!

Does anyone care to join me?

A moment to appreciate.