A mind trip

My niece on a quick journey ...

Today is a day for letting the imagination soar!!

Not sure what it is. Just when spring is threatening to appear, after a winterless winter, we get ourselves a little snow storm. And while it is pretty, it is not filling me with “Let’s play in the snow!” sentiments. Yet I find the imagination wants to have a romp. It started with a silly bird’s-eye view of the storm.  And that seemed to just feed the little buggers appetite, so in an effort to prevent internal mayhem I am letting it have its way with the page. Be prepared to duck!

Where oh where has my crazy mind gone?
Where oh where can it be?
Off on a journey to lands beyond!
But it seems to have forgotten me!

As I sit on my bed,
Buddha belly a growing,
My crazy little mind
Is on adventures going!

One moment here,
The next some place other!
But take ME along?
It does not bother!

I am not really complaining.
My mind is my pal!
No matter misadventures,
It always treats me wal!

But next time dear mind,
Half way with me meet?
When you go on your wanderings,
Please use my feet?

This poem brought to you by a supreme need to be wandering the world.

Phew! That wasn’t so bad. Other than a groan or two, nobody should be bleeding. Hope you all enjoy!