A peace offering

My vision has many modes these days. I have mostly been viewing the world with blogger vision lately. But before blogger vision I had photo vision. And my eyes will shift into this without effort.

Usually when I have no camera available.

But a bonus of the new toy I got the other day, is that it has a decent camera, and I will usually have it with me. So when I have that “must take a picture” moment I can.

First pic with my new iPhone

Yesterday I had two such moments in a row as I was enjoying some outdoor time. I took one pic which came out rather decently.

Then another caught my eye. But the wind was blowing too strongly for a good picture. And then I remembered the phone does video too. So I figured I would try it out here.

Something about what I was viewing spoke to my very soul. I was entranced by it.

Lost in it.

After filming it for an eternity, I decided to stop, not wanting to use up too much memory or battery (and not wanting to make something too big to do anything with).

I felt fully refreshed after that entrancing eternity.

I played it back and was completely surprised that I had only actually filmed it for 4 seconds.

I offer this moment of peace to you. May you be as refreshed by it as I was.