A poem on consumerism

I now know that I have gotten it all wrong.
That rope there should LOOK good, not be strong.
That phone should be modern, stylish and chic.
And not make you look like a total geek.
That car should say, “You ARE the man!”
And not be something practical, like a van.

Silly me, I thought I had a clue.
I always bought things for what they can do.
It seems image and brand are what REALLY matters.
LOOKING good makes pitters and patters.
None of this, “It does a good  job!”
More importantly, it appeals to the mob!

How was it that I went so astray?
And not listen to what THEY had to say?
The knock on  my head must have been intense,
To make me live with common sense.
But I am cured now; All is well!
It is now as clear as the ringing of a bell.

Buy it because it popular. Buy it because it is rad.
Buy it! Buy it, so you don’t look the cad!
Function does not matter. It is just a plus.
Spend the money simply because!

My other phone makes phone calls.