A random bit o' babble

It seems I have only posted twice here in the last ten or so days. I guess my motivation slump is worse than I thought. Haven’t really done much on the other blogs either … though I have done more photos than anything. In some ways photos take less thought … while at the same time expressing thoughts that are beyond words. I have this pressure in my word organ as if I have many words ready to be released … but my word organ is apparently constipated. I either need an organ transplant or a good physic.

I was thinking that maybe I would be inspired by my pending birthday to come up with some wisdom I have learned with aging … or maybe a good anecdote of days past. But I still have nothing. I am even going with the old just start typing and something will emerge but spent several hours on and off staring at a blank screen. I finally just started typing anyway and all I can come up with is constipation of the word organ.

Not exactly a highlight of my writing career.

By the way, can it be called a career if one never actually made money from it? Anyway I wanted to post SOMETHING so sorry to say this is what ya get. It is a good thing I really don’t have all that many readers or I might actually find my stats dropping! But you can’t really drop below zero all that easily in counting web hits. Ok my random bit o’ words is petering out now. Have a great Memorial Day weekend all (or for those who are not American just have a great weekend)!!