A recycling fairy tale

I am a firm believer of the “interconnectedness of all things”. As I have wandered through this ephemeral journey that some of us call life, I have found that when we open ourselves to it, this connectedness is VERY evident. The only time I truly feel DISconnected is when I shut myself down … closing my doors to the realm of possibility. Sadly it happens all to often lately. But the moment I open the door, usually rushing out depending on how long I have locked myself away … the universe starts its plethora of connections again … just daring me to notice.

I spent the last few weeks in another one of those when, where, why, who, and how internal debates, resulting in what I am calling an activity coma for a while. I emerged from it with a clearer sense of purpose, and at least the seeds of a plan of action. Of course, I introduced the plan on one of my blogs (this one actually), after all that is what they are for right? Unfortunately, WordPress took offense at a link I used (which ironically is what the whole post was about) … apparently it is on their Thou Shall Not list, and in their sweet manner … shut my blog down without warning. This has happened to other people too, and frankly I plain I don’t like how they do business, so I went and moved ALL my blogs to self owned domains, removing the meanies from the picture. In a way this means I am starting over, since I can’t tell the followers of the OLD incarnation of the blog that I have moved (thanks to their one strike policy). But now all my blogs are on their own (for anyone who is interested, the list of links can be found here), and this is my first post on the NEW version of the blog. Somehow it seems appropriate that it be a 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, since many of my followers have come from there. This week’s prompt is a picture, from which  stemmed the whole interconnectedness thought that I started this ramble with:


Chloe White had been fighting the corporation known as Dark Queen Inc for several years now. This evil empire had no respect for the environment at all and she was determined to do something about it. When she got that corrupted Apple computer, theoretically a gift from a benefactor, it turned out to be infected by all sorts of viruses. Fortunately her new allies looked like they would be of great help. The seven bins,  Trashy, Bottle, Canny, Plastic, Glass, Drinky and Boxy could not wait to jump into the fray. Though Boxy was a bit of a sour puss.