A return of light

I have been wandering in shadows lately.

Not the shadows of a summer’s evening sky, where there is still the subtle glow of the retiring day. Those are pleasant shadows, shadows that cool and cause peaceful reflections.

I have been stuck in the endless dark shadow of the subconscious mind. The irony is that there is no rule that the subconscious need be a place of darkness. It is just the factory floor … we are the ones who place the parts for assembly. So if we put in darkness that is what we will end up with.

It seems I have been shopping in the wrong places for parts lately. As a result I basically lost a month. To sleep. To darkness. To avoidance. For no good reason that I can truly come up with, other than an unexplainable urge to stop living. Those who actually follow my blogs may have noticed my absence.

This of course had to stop. So with a determined effort, some loving friends, and asking help from the right quarters, I am slowly clawing my way out of the darkness. This is my first real attempt at a blog post here in quite a while, and I have been finding it very difficult to start for a couple of days now, despite intent.

Finally today I asked one of my favorite people in the world, someone who is often an inspiration to me … a downright muse even … to give me a word that makes her think of joy and love. And lo and behold she gave me four. So now I have the seeds for writing that I could not seem to find in myself:

  • music
  • white lotus
  • wings
  • heartbeat

What a beautiful collection of words!! I saw them and it was like someone  had aimed a flashlight right in my eyes. They inspire as much from the images they invoke as from where they came from. Music is the essence of emotive life. It is joy incarnate, sadness, excitement, love, loss … basically it covers all that life has to offer. And it comes in oh so many forms, whether the music of man or nature herself.

The white lotus is  a sign of mental  purity and spiritual perfection; of achieving a state of wonder for everything. It is a beautiful flower too! What better expression of love and joy?

Wings? The root to flight! A magnificent creation that allows souls to soar to their limits! With wings one can see the world from new perspectives! They are very essence of freedom and joy!! The ARE Life!!

And finally we have the heartbeat. The very creator of the rhythm of life at its foundation. Life is measured by the beating of a heart. Emotions are defined by how they affect the heartbeat. Heartbeat is the core to courage; to perseverance. Heartbeat is the very center of joy and love!

Isn’t it amazing how a few seemingly simple words can totally change one’s outlook? Amazing how with four words the darkness recedes and daylight returns? Such is the power of language; of writing. That alone is reason to do it!

So what words would you choose?