A seed is planted

The Queen of Faerie spoke, and her ethereal voice carried with the force of a winter storm, yet thrilled with the sweet music of spring. None in the realm could escape her words, even if they so chose.

“We must have a herald!” she breathed. “The human world forgets us!”

The Denizens of the Mists heard the Song of Command. The strongest among them stepped forward, sending their weaker cousins out to gather what was needed. A bit of fresh dew here; a glimmer of light there. Only the finest ingredients for this enchantment. The Queen must be pleased!

When all was found, the dance began. A weaving of such grace and power that it rivaled the very dawn. All gave a little of their essence as a gem that was not a gem took shape. The Queen herself lent a shimmering tear.

It was done! A seed of creation that would return the power of magic to the humans. All that was left was for it to be planted. The Queen consulted the stars, and they all agreed; a date and time was set. The herald was nigh!

The Queen held the sparkling gem in her palm, and gently blew. With a tinkle of chimes and a flash of glorious light … it vanished …

… and a human child of wonder was born.

The date in the human world was March 14.

The first time the girl child opened her eyes, they were already bright with the glow of magic. Her destiny awaited her.

She grew and learned. She travelled the world and learned. She had a family and learned. And what she learned both filled her with sorrow and made her soul soar. For at the very center of her was a magical seed; a gem that was the gift and the hope of Faerie. Her soul called to her, and she knew what she must do.

Magic must return to the human world!

Today the seed comes to life again on the anniversary of its birth. Soon Faerie will be remembered properly. Now is your time to shine! Happy Birthday Lil Sis!