A seedy incident

We live in a culture that aims for ease and comfort in all things. We don’t want to have to put more effort into anything than is absolutely necessary. We have remotes for everything so that we don’t actually have to get up and push a button. We have moving stairways and walkways to ensure that our feet don’t actually have to do the walking for us. We have pocket google to do out thinking for us. And with the newest generation of wizmos (wizard gizmos) we don’t even have to type our commands in. Have ya met SIRI?

Face it, we are lazy.

It has even entered into our food.

I mean we have even manipulated our fruit so that we don’t have to spit out seeds anymore!!

""As much as I like to imagine that I am not a slave to this laziness, the fact is I have succumbed as much as the next guy. I don’t wan’t to have to actually pull a muscle spitting out a seed either!!

The other day I was eating a clementine. If you are not familiar with clementines, they are small bits of sweet citrus juiciness made to fit in a child’s hand. And specifically notable for there extreme lack of seeds. No danger of choking, or growing a clementine tree inside ya because of a swallowed seed.

So imagine my shock upon putting the first slice of clementine in my mouth and finding not just one seed, but in fact FOUR. And every slice after that had it’s own collection of seeds that had no right to exist! By the time I was done eating the juicy goodness, I had a large enough handful of seeds that I could have started my own orchard.

I was starting to feel that this was some sort of karmic lesson about laziness!