A shepherd's tale

My last few posts have been on the serious to sad side, so it is time for a bit o’ light hearted. Unfortunately due to some unexpected speed bumps on this weeks section of life’s highway, I am a tad late with the current 100 Word Challenge for GrownupsFinally I am at a point to sit down and do it, and I am determined for some good ole’ silliness. Of course in the spirit of the season, this week’s prompt is perfect for my needs (again):

…Bah Humbug!….

My silliness is in honor of my dad’s sense of humor. Hope you all enjoy!


Mary’s favorite sheep was kidnapped (technically lambnapped). She contacted the police, who quickly were on the case. They tracked down several witnesses, but their stories conflicted. Based on these testimonies, there were several suspects. Fortunately the sheep got away on her own. Mary still wanted to press charges, so all the suspects were placed in a line up for the sheep to identify. Mary recognized a few faces: The Big Bad Wolf, Jack Horner, Rumpelstiltskin, but it turned out it was none of these. When the police asked “Who lambnapped you?”, the sheep pointed, and quickly said:

“It was … baaaaaa … Humbug!”