A slydexics guide to gglobing

As far as I know, I am not dyslecix. Nor do I stutter. Yet somehow I foten find myself stumbling over words when I speak, and when I am typing out somehting new … well less just say it is a lesson in editorial patiece. Despite actually taking typing in highschool, and knowing the way to type, I still use to or three fingers, and my typing pseeds are amazing … if you dont’ want to actually have a coherent word in the lot. Usually it takes me and additional five minuets oer word to spell them correctly. Today I am specifically not actually coreecting anything just to see how funny it can get. So far I am not doing as horrendously as actually expected. On the other hand it is not exactly a recognizable form of english eother!


Sometimes I drive myself nuts when my fingers persitanltuy do NOT type the word my mind is saying it wants. And with the advent of newer correction software (such as the iPhone autocorrect) there iis a whole new levle of hair rupping annoyance to deal with. For the modern autocorrect often decideds a perfectly food word is actually not the word you desire, or worse, it will come up with some really odd prhase isntead of actually dorrecting the spelling. I frqeuently find my self sayiing "Damned phone!!" by way of explanation for some bazaare statemnt to a friend.

I tend to do something similar with specch, often fining myself stubmling over what word I want. I think the issue is that my brain works faster then both my motuh and my fingers, so they simply can’t keep up. They put a valiant effort in, but end up squeezing words to tgehter or tripping over themselves trying to keep up with the mad thought speed of a psychotically creative person.

The really funny thign about this little creation, is that depsite the mirad of mistakes, soemoen may actually be abelt to read the damned thing. Kudos to anyone who stuck it out and made any sense out of it!