A sucker is reborn every minute

A lot has happened since I chose to embrace my own version of sanity.  The world continues to show me how wise a choice that actually has been. Between advances in technology actually causing the human brain to shrivel up (how else can we explain willful ignorance with such an easy abundance information), and the rampant “it’s all about ME” that seems to have taken over what passes as a conscience in humans today … I am fully embracing my return to my hermitage. That and the fact that my numerous yet barely visited websites have been the target of delusional hackers of late have kept me off the digital soapbox for a while now.

But I have de-liced my websites, and loaded them with barbwire, starving guard dogs, and fearsome weaponry that will make those robots get rusty in their pants (can robots pee?), so I feel safe enough to get on with a random rant or two again. Today’s moment of humor was also brought to you by the Grand Union of Cyber Criminal Wannabees. Once again I have been targeted as the lonely, poor, middle-aged man with no common sense, and I am starting to wonder if it is simply my looks?

I again feel obliged to help out those who do their jobs less than adequately by offering a few tips from this sucker’s perspective:

  • If you plan on being believable, beyond the basics of actually learning the language you claim to speak, maybe at least a simple profile to suggest that you are actually a real human being might come in handy. Ideally it would be one that has a few pictures, a few things that indicate that there is a life to the persona, and it was not just created this morning.
  • Granted I am a nice guy, but even I find it suspicious when you are willing to give me all your banking information when we have never met and chatted for all of 20 minutes.
  • Based on the hell I have to go through every time I want to log into my OWN online bank accounts, it is extremely unlikely that the Cayman Island account that you just gave me the log-in information for has that simple a security setup.
  • Seriously? Only ONE transaction and an exact amount in the account? Have you ever seen a REAL bank account?
  • What bank has only ONE transfer option?

These are just a few things that pop into mind. Work on those and I might have a few more that will help you properly bamboozle someone who actually has a brain in their head. Or maybe my embracing my inner hermit has clouded my trust organs, and I just lost the opportunity of a life time. In that case laugh with me at the foolishness of this reborn sucker!