A twofer

Last week was a bit out of whack for me. Between the world ending, the holidays, a few days of actual social life, and starting my newest attempt to save the world (which is kind of silly considering the world just ended), I completely missed last week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. I really wanted to do it though, because I kind of liked the prompt:

…as midnight struck…

So I have decided to regale you all with two sets of 100 words, which even in the new math equals 200 words. One for last week, and one for this week. This weeks prompt is:

…you said you’d do WHAT?….

I am not sure if I will do two different pieces or one epic “100” word piece. We will all know shortly…

An award winning show

The script was well rehearsed. As usual, Dawn started the show. Midmorning always followed, assuming he woke up in time. Lunch, as always, insisted on having a big part. Fortunately Lunch always performed well, so most let the prima donna attitude slide. For many the show started slowing down at this point, which suited the lethargic style of Afternoon quite well. It made the sudden energy of Twilight all the more refreshing. Dinner did his humble thing, and then the whole show took on a surrealistic quality as Evening did her act. The end of the show came as Midnight struck the chimes.


Promises, promises

“Beware of that one,” he said with growl. “She is a seductress.”
I laughed. “You are just angry because she will have nothing to do with you. I already made an agreement with her.”
He grunted. “Trust you to take the beautiful lass over common sense. What kind of agreement?”
“I said I’d do something for her in exchange for the information.”
He shook his head sourly. “What did you say you would do?”
I smiled at him. “Something. Like I said.”
“You said you’d do WHAT?” he practically coughed.
I laughed again. “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!”