A visit from The Avon Lady

Despite rumor and ample evidence to the contrary, summer is actually upon us now. And possibly one of the greatest summer inventions humans can lay claim to it is … you ready for it?

""The barbecue grill!

I know some (me for instance) who would use a barbecue grill year round. Even in snowy New England. But the more traditional grill users reserve it for summer nights and for many just special occasions. One of the biggest of course being Forth of July Weekend.

It just so happens this was Fourth of July Weekend!

There are one or two additions to a barbecue that make any yard gathering that much more entertaining. For one an actual yard. And if said yard is big enough for a pool and maybe a volleyball net … well we are talking summer party heaven.

Maybe you can guess what I did this weekend.

Of course there is a certain drawback to being one of the few single (and childless) people an a rather large summer gathering. For one there is a certain level of restraint from partying recommended (though at this particular party folk may have been a little more forgiving). But a minor difficulty easily ignored. All sorts of fun to be had at the party for kids of all ages.

There was the pool complete with cool slide and diving board. There was the volleyball net. Of course set up by the shortest person there. Go figure. There was food an beverages a plenty, and then there was The Avon Lady.

A Fourth of July Pool Cookout would not be complete without a visit from The Avon Lady!

Now if you are picturing a woman with slews of beauty products putting on a sales pitch … well you would have the exact same thought I had when I first heard it. Happily we would both be wrong.

""What the Avon Lady actually refers to is delivery of an Upside Down Margarita. Which in itself sounds kind of scary. What does this mean exactly. Well one sits in a comfy chair, head back and mouth open. The Avon Lady pours from her (or his depending on who decides to poor) rather pretty tray some lemonade, followed by some tequila, triple sec and a squeeze of lemon. All to be held in the mouth until completely poured. Then one shakes their head to properly mix the drink and enjoys the sweet fruity kicky goodness of it all. Why exactly this procedure is called The Avon Lady I am not quite clear.

All in all a good party worthy of the day it took me to recover from it!!