A visit to the watering hole

Today was a bit different. This bright, yellow, heat generating entity appeared in the sky. Wasn’t quite sure what the thing was, but it was different enough to encourage me to leave the safety of my cave to investigate. So while I was actually out and moving, I decided to wander the 2.5 miles down to my favorite watering hole for a bit of exercise and sustenance.

""Because my current situation (and the weather) have had me fairly house bound, I have not been to said watering hole that frequently lately. Been a while since I could visit daily. So it was rather pleasant to have a rousing, Norm-like chorus greeting me when I entered the door. Granted it was a chorus of one (the bartender), and what she actually said was "We have no fish here!" referring to the hat I wear to ensure random bright yellow heat generating entities don’t fry my scalp. But still nice to be warmly greeted!

I sat in my usual seat, and did the standard process needed to obtain lunch. Ordered a cup of soup. And ordered the special salad of the day (trying to do that whole keep it relatively healthy thing). Ironically, having well-earned the title of regular there, they had a fun habit of just slightly screwing up my order fairly frequently. Maybe it is a sign of caring! Today they forgot to put the mushrooms on my Chicken and Mushroom salad. Easily rectified of course.

The food was its usual satisfying quality, but the primary reason I so like the place is the staff. I have attained friend status with several of them. The bartender that greeted me is one such. We always chat a bit when I visit. Of course she is frequently very busy, so the chats can sometimes become rather interesting. Especially when she is not really focused on me and does not catch what I say. Today she was having one of those not quite hearing me days.

For instance, her voice was a little hoarse, and we had a bit of a discussion about why. At one point I said "Allergies maybe?" and she heard "How’s the baby?" A legitimate question in itself maybe, except for the fact that she has no children.

""Having to get back to the house to keep an eye on dad for the afternoon, I couldn’t stay long. For a change I did not eat too much, ensuring the walk home was not more of a roll home as it often has been. However there is a surprising lack of easily accessible bathrooms on the journey home (at least the kind that can be used without angering or shocking someone).  I never knew I could walk so far with crossed legs.

All and all a pleasant little adventure.