About time for a rant…

I refuse to be defined by words.

Why do we insist in categorizing? Why must we label?

I choose to be defined by my actions of the moment. Not by predetermined words that force the moment.

“What?” you may be saying right now.

I am asked about favorites. Or about how I would react to this and that. And I can’t answer. Because the moment determines. Favorites means comparing to another when that no longer exists. How would you react is guessing at a when that has yet to be created. Neither is the moment.

“Huh?” you continue to hypothetically say.

I am now. Now defines me. Not words. Not boxes created by others. Actions. Reactions. My choices now define me.

It is actually very simple. Too bad words make it more complicated.

Now is now. I am me. I choose now. I choose me. That is my definition.

“You’ve lost me completely” says your hypothetical confusion.

Or maybe I am creating a box.