Lately understanding has been eluding me.

A question has been lingering: “Why?” Why does effort frequently get little reward, while whim and seeming luck reaps major benefits? Why does it often seem that good struggles when evil flourishes? Why is pain more notable than pleasure?

So of course I went on a journey to find the answer. I went to the college professor and asked: “Why?” Twenty large worded minutes later he still had not answered my question so I left.

I went to the clergyman and asked: “Why?” His answer was simply, “God.” This answer seemed to suit many, but for me it sounded too much like avoiding the question.

I went to the politicians and asked: “Why?” The Republican said, “The Democrats.” The Democrat said, “The Republicans.”

I went to the philosopher and asked: “Why?” He answered, “Why not?” To me that seemed just the flip side of my own question.

I continued to wander, lost in my pondering, and trying to figure out who to ask next. I was so engrossed that I bumped into someone. I focused on the body before me and realized it was my friendly neighborhood wise man. Just the person to ask!

“Why?” I asked him hopefully.

He looked at me an smiled his glorious smile. Spread his arms wide, looked around, and then looked back at me, still smiling.

“Because!” he said. And then poof! He disappeared. He vanished so quickly that I could not ask him to elaborate. It seemed I was just going to have to accept that answer.

Ah! I get it now!

Understanding has returned.

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