Accepting the gift…

What is it that truly gives humanity power?

Is it our “more advanced” brains?

Or our capacity for humor?

Maybe it is our “adaptability”?

Or could it be our ability to change the very world around us?

Perhaps it is our skill for violence and destruction?

Our ability to create from seemingly nothing?

In my mind it is not actually any of these traits…though they certainly contribute. But if we pay attention to the world around us, it becomes quickly apparent that we are not really unique in any of these concepts, though not many other beings that we are familiar with have all of them.  But we do differ from the rest of creation as we have experienced it in one specific way.  We have the power to CHOOSE our own way.  So strong is this power that the choices we make can actually effect the whole of the universe that is within our reach.  Right now that may be a limited reach with respect to the great vastness of reality, but the choices we make can also expand that reach.  Or limit it even more.

Why do we have this great tool that gives us such power?  Have we earned it in someway?  Have we lucked upon it? Or was it maybe a gift from some even more powerful source?  It may be we will never truly know the answer to that question, but it is a gift none the less.

And like so many gifts we receive of a material nature, it is one we neglect oh so frequently. Or worse yet, don’t recognize it for what it is. We so easily give our power of choice to others, and thus relinquish our own ability for change.  Why do we do this?  Is it a blindness with in ourselves? Or maybe it is simply too much work?

I am as guilty as the next person of neglecting this amazing gift, often when it was the most propitious time to use it wisely.  So I now CHOOSE to make a pledge that I will do my utmost to fulfill. I CHOOSE not only to accept this truly wonderful gift, but to use it wisely.  Not only for the power to effect my own immediacy, but also as a tool to create change in the whole pattern.  I CHOOSE  to recognize the power of CHOICE; to understand the ramifications of CHOICE; and to accept the responsibilities inherent in the CHOICES I make; and to never again give away my CHOICES to another and thus losing my own connection to power.

I don’t think it will be that hard. After all it is simply a CHOICE I need to make.