Advances in shouting

Back in the day, we had these things called voices. These things had strange capabilities. They could make multitudes of sounds, at a variety of volume levels, resulting in the possibility of actually being heard by others. At first the sounds were probably mostly expressions of the needs of the moment. For instance when some beastie had a nice grip of flesh in its rather large sharp teeth, a "YEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW" might feel appropriate. Eventually, the less tone-deaf and creative among the yeowlers deecided that maybe we can start associating some of those sounds with specific things, and the next thing we know we were constantly annoying each other with streams of sounds that probably didn’t really mean much more than they did when they were just sounds … yet somehow we were fooled into believing otherwise.

Some folks recognized that flinging sounds at each other became an issue when distance was involved, and raising the volume only limitedly improved things. So they got even MORE clever and started associating the sounds with various repetitive marks, which could be put on stuff and carried distances. Now the slight inconvenience of trying to babble to the guy on the other side of the mountain or such was dealt with. Of course it took special training to be able to convert sounds to pictures and then back to sounds again, so there was still a fair amount of inconvenience.

Over time that wacky thing called the human mind started doing that overdrive thing … time passed … and the distance and speed of delivering those sounds kept improving. The sounds become more complicated, the methods and speed of delivery of the sounds continued to improve and were available to more and more people. Now we can pretty much spout our sounds instantaneously at distances that were not even conceivable when we first started yeowling. Throughout all this change though, there was one constant … us silly humans had to LEARN HOW.

But that seems to no longer be the case …



It is apparent that the ability to use advanced thing-a-ma-jigs for the purpose of sharing our sounds over distance is now something we are born with. I am not sure if we should be awed or frightened by this.

I guess the next step is to be born with the toys built-in?