Against the instincts

It is 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups time again!

The challenge: to Critique one of last week’s pieces (in 100 words of course).

I have to admit, when I took a look at this weeks challenge, my first instinct was to give it a pass. To me critiquing has an element of arrogance to it; it says that I am claiming the right to criticize another’s work as if I have some special claim to skill or knowledge. I don’t do critiques.

My second and third instinct agreed with the first. My fourth instinct said have another look. My fifth instinct liked what my first three instincts had to say. My sixth and seventh instinct had an argument about it. By now my sense of irreverence took over and sent all my instincts packing, loudly shouting “We can have fun with this!” So here I am, attempting the challenge, despite my instincts.

I apologize in advance for the tongue in cheek nature of my critique … but that is the only way I can in good conscience do one! 😀 I pretty much randomly picked Mile High Meltdown on Midlife Singlemum. Poor you!

With the exciting title, “Mile High Meltdown” I had great expectations from this piece and I was not at all disappointed. Mile High Meltdown had a little bit for all audiences, impressive in just one hundred words. The piece also admirably fulfilled the terms of the challenge set, using all the words effectively. So if you want a bit of heart racing excitement, sarcastic humor, attitude and even a “cow” with poor fashion sense, pop over and read this clever bit. You will be glad to know it also has a happy ending! Definitely well worth the read!