Always a bridesmaid … never a groomsman

As one might imagine, working as staff at weddings can be a very entertaining job. Weddings are all about celebration and having fun … well in theory at least. Sometimes there is a fair amount of drama to be had, especially after the booze has been flowing. Ironically on the busier and wilder weddings, I am often so involved with my duties that I miss all the entertainment. Or the fun stuff happens at a wedding I am not working. Murphy’s law and all.

The typical wedding reception has a cocktail hour while the wedding party is off playing with the photographer. Then the wedding party is formally introduced and welcomed by the crowd. Usually this is the best point to tell what kind of crowd it is going to be. The nature of the wedding party is usually a good indicator of how the night is going to go.

Introductions can be quite fun, depending on the creativity of the bride and groom and the quality of the DJ. The more sedate will simply be the DJ introducing each as they come out, with just one tune playing in the background.   The more creative ones will have a theme song for each couple, and some will take it a bit further and have a little choreography involved.


Apparently the other night there was an introduction "never have I ever seen". At least at the function hall I work at. Of course I personally did not see it because I did not work that night. It seems it was a decent size wedding party, and the introductions were pretty standardly performed. The guests applauded as one bridesmaid accompanied by a groomsman walked in. Then another, and then another. And one more.

At this point. from what I was told, I envision a needle across a record sound (yep, dating myself again) as everyone did a classic double take. Seems this bridesmaid and groomsman did a quick change before the introductions, so that they were wearing each others outfits. Yes. the man was in the dress and the woman was in the tux.

Safe to say that that was going to be a fun wedding!