Am I dressed right for my phone?

I may have mentioned once or twice that I am an antiestablishmentarianist. If I have not actually mentioned it, it probably shows. That is actually one of the few ists / isms I have ANY respect for. And not just because the word simply has character! For those who have not encountered this philosophy, or maybe just don’t have the energy to actually READ such a long word, it basically means that I think the general social, political, and economic structure of most of our societies is plain and simply …

… pooh.

Unfortunately, since I am not a sociopath, powerful in any way, or living on a deserted island, I basically have to occasionally wade in that pooh, even if I will do my best to NOT actually do a full body dive into it. This means that as much as I don’t like it, there are times I have to get the rubbers and a nose-clip on and start shoveling … that is if I ever actually want to DO anything I like to do.

For instance, my plans for a very long walk next year will cost an inordinate amount of shiny baubles (odd as that seems to MY version of sanity). Again unfortunately, despite by short attention span … oh look a squirrel … ahem … I have not manage to collect too many shiny baubles recently. Since stubborn to me is like soft mud is to a diamond … well I refuse to get anything resembling a "traditional" job. Which means I need to collect my shiny baubles in other ways. I am too lazy (or maybe aware of consequences) to do anything illegal enough to actually WORK, which does not leave me much else. Volunteering for lab experiments sounds kind of fun, but I haven’t encountered any wealthy but mad scientists lately.

I decided to go REALLY outside the box, and signed up for some of those "make money to take surveys" sites.



Seriously, I bought my phone because I needed a phone, and it seemed to do what I needed it to do. Not because of the name on it. Not because of the color. Not because it compliments my wardrobe. Not because it makes me cool to have one. I bought it because it was a phone, and it seemed to do what I needed it to do.

Apparently that is not how one is supposed to buy things. If I am understanding, the BRAND of a product is MUCH more important than the actual product. We are apparently defined by what we buy, as opposed to … maybe … having a practical use for them.

Silly me. I am so glad that I have earned almost $16 in three days of taking really disturbing surveys (it would have been more accept being the antiestablishmentarianist, I seem rarely to be the "demographic they are looking for". This was definitely a wise choice on my part for collecting shiny baubles.

By the way, does anyone know of a good place to find a deserted island?