An act of creation

I have been told by some that I am a creative person. I have been told by some that they themselves are not so creative. I have had both thoughts about myself.


So what exactly does it mean to be creative?

Well, the simplest definition of creative is: having the ability or power to create. Let’s probe a little further. What does it mean to create? Again the simple definition: to cause to exist; to bring into being.

So I put it to you that EVERYONE is creative. Why? Because the simple fact of the matter is everyone has the ability or power to cause SOMETHING to exist; to bring SOMETHING into being. The form of creation may differ, but the ability exists in everyone. To claim that we are not creative is basically self limiting. By putting words to such a sentiment, we are actually denying our own existence. For the very act of living is a constant act of creation. At the very least, every decision we make is creating a new moment in time. Everything beyond that is just a matter of magnitude.

Why am I rambling on about this? Well I have been struggling with the proverbial “writer’s block”.  I make excuses by saying I am not that creative at the moment. But the reality is I am just as creative as I have ever been. I am just setting limits on myself by denying this fact. I have realized that the only way to overcome such obstacles is to simple not consider them obstacles. Instead of saying I have nothing to write, I should simply start writing and see what emerges. So maybe it won’t be specifically what I was aiming for, but it will still be an act of creation.

Wonder what else I will create today….