An echoing cry …

I make no claim to be smarter than other people. I make no claim to be better than other people. I believe what I believe, but am always willing to hear a different point of view. I may sometimes find other people’s beliefs odd, or sometimes maybe even humorous, but I never deny them the right to believe what they want. The only claim I make is maybe clearer vision than others, a small bit of wisdom, and an open mind. Because of this being who I am, it is actually very difficult to get me angry. I am hard to offend; hard to disappoint. And I rarely judge. That said, I have never been so disappointed in humanity as I am these days. I have never been so offended by so many; never been made so frequently angry at the sheer stupidity we are enacting seemingly every day. We think of ourselves as so advanced in knowledge … so why do we act so plain … dumb?

Hypocrisy, selfishness and greed have become our defining characteristics. And we seem to wear them like badges to be proud of. Frankly, it makes me sick. I am here trying to maybe open a few eyes; maybe bring some sense back to a few people. Again I am not saying I have all the answers, but what I DO have is the ability to think for myself. And I only wish to maybe help others to do the same. Yet I feel like I am shouting into an empty valley. All I hear is my own words echoing of into the distance. I know I am not the only one shouting, because occasionally the echoes I hear are in other despairing voices. But we seem so few, and the valley seems to be growing into a huge bottomless pit.

Sometimes I just want to escape ...
Sometimes I just want to escape …

But I am stubborn, so I will keep shouting, and who knows … maybe someone will actually hear me. Maybe I will touch one mind who can make a difference. All one can do is keep trying. So today I will shout a bit more, and at the very least get some of the anger out of my system:

  • Democracy comes from a word that literally means Rule of the People. In large populations, this is fundamentally impractical, so we elect representatives who are theoretically the voice of the people. Democracy has nothing to do with who has the most resources. The moment this becomes true, it is no longer a democracy. It becomes an aristocracy. Democracy cannot have anything to do with religion. The moment it does, it becomes a theocracy. Democracy can not also be governed by group politics. The moment it does, it become a mockery. You cannot FORCE democracy on people who are not ready for it. That simply is an invasion. And you cannot truly call yourself a democracy if you are not will to allow people to join you, simply because of where they are born. So all those high and mighty who think what is happening in the ‘glorious’ U.S. of A. is fighting for democracy, you are seriously mistaken.
  • Benevolent means well-meaning and kindly. Forgiving means allowing room for error or weakness. A benevolent, forgiving god will NOT hate anyone. They will not judge someone harshly because they made a mistake. They will not demand the death of someone just for not believing in them. Anyone who claims otherwise needs to learn their language better, or understand their god better. It is pure hypocrisy to preach love as long as they fit your idea of the ideal human being, otherwise preach hatred, and blame this benevolent, forgiving god for such thoughts. The thoughts are yours and yours alone. If you are so well versed in what a god thinks, how come you are not a deity yourself?
  • If homosexuality is a choice, when did you choose to become heterosexual? I for one don’t remember ever being offered that particular choice.
  • How is it possible to supposedly value life SO MUCH that you believe that miscarriage can be considered a crime, yet you also want the right to be able to kill someone who you feel is a threat?
  • Why is killing in the name of god considered terrorism, but killing in the name of country considered patriotism?
  • Humans make their own choices. These choices may be guided by what they are taught, how they are raised, even the circumstances of their life. But the choices they make are still ALL THEIR OWN. One cannot blame a horror movie because someone CHOSE to emulate it. It is the person’s fault. Not the movie’s. One cannot blame a whole religion because people use it as an excuse for evil. The people committed the evil. Not the religion. Those who value the right to bear weapons over the right to freedom of thought often say guns don’t kill people, people do. Guess what, Islam does not kill people. People do.
  • Why is a an intentional killing of many by one of our own culture just an act of a mad man, but the same by someone from another country, especially if they happen to believe in a religion you choose to not understand, terrorism?
  • Why is someone stealing to feed a family a considered a criminal offense, but a corporation stealing to feed their own pocket considered good business?

This list could go on and on. Humanity has really sunken to a new low in my opinion. The more “advanced’; the more “civilized” we become, the lower we seem to fall. It is truly a despairing sight. I only wish I had the power to change even a little of this. But the simple fact is I am not sure most of  “advanced, civilized” humanity really wants to. It is much easier to worry about our own comfort than the whole picture. It is much easier to let the world crumble around us as long as our own house is stable.

My shout is once again echoing in the abyss. Will anyone hear it? I do not know. Will it change anything? I cannot say.

But I still have to try.