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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am not sure what it is about modern civilization, but somehow as life becomes easier through advances in technology, we have lost not only the concept of personal responsibility, but responsibility for person. The more streamlined and mechanized everything becomes, the more we learn about taking the easy way. We are losing the ability think for ourselves. We are losing the ability to do for ourselves. This is not a healthy direction for human society.

How can we stop this trend? What can we do to revive the flailing human spirit? Like with any other issue, the first step is to recognize that there IS an issue. In this technologically “advanced civilization” that I live in, when the power goes out life comes to a stand still. People no longer know how to do things on their own, and worse yet, they don’t know how to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions. This has invaded all parts of our lives. If something goes wrong financially, it is the government’s fault. If our kids are growing up to be terrors, it is the schools fault, or the electronic media, or society in general. And if we are overweight; wheezing just to walk up a small flight of stairs, then it is because we have no time to exercise, or food is too expensive, or the ingredients of the food is to blame. We need to start taking responsibility again. For our choices. For ourselves. If we want to improve our lives, we need to be the ones shaping them, and stop blaming everyone and everything EXCEPT ourselves. If we want change, it is up to US to make it happen!

There is no one simple solution to a healthy life style. We need to ensure that we have a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy soul. They are all necessary components of a human being. Some would prefer spirit for soul, but the concept remains the same. All three are interdependent, but in order to strengthen all three one has to do it in the right order. Think of it as a pyramid … the body is the base, the mind the middle, and the soul/spirit is the pinnacle. If we focus on one aspect only, then what we are trying to build is at the best incomplete, at the worst very unstable. So the first key to healthy living is a healthy body.

In my eternal journey to not only better myself but maybe also help improve the lives of others, I have started yet another new project towards this particular goal. I have been working on improving my own body in the last few weeks, with the goal of becoming physically healthy again and this time making it stick. I have been using the resources of Team BeachBody to do this, and find that not only do they work well for me, bu their mission resonates with my own. Therefore in an effort to continue to grow as a person, and to continue in my often futile seeming efforts of improving the world around me, I have decided to become a Team BeachBody Coach myself. What does this mean exactly?

It means that I have the ability to not only improve MY physical health, but help others do the same. It means that I may be able to get a little income to help me pursue all my crazy ideas, though ultimately that is not the most important part. I am no salesman, so don’t see myself suddenly being financially set up as a result of this choice. But I think that we all need to start reclaiming ourselves, and the first step is to reclaim our bodies. If anyone is tired … tired of being overweight; tired of not being physically capable of doing the things they want to do; tired of feeling they have no power to affect their own lives, then I am here to help. Contact me here, contact me on the new FB page I just set up, hell just call me (508-254-7167). The path to change and self-improvement takes one simple first step:

Decide to do it.

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ADDENDUM: Apparently I am not allowed to advertise my own business on MY blog, so the link I was trying to introduce is Sorry guys, you’ll have to cut and paste if interested.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]