And I didn’t even notice!

I am heading away for the weekend to do some debauchery … er … um … good deeds …. so I am anticipating not having a post here for a few days. Not that the world at large will actually notice my absence, but there are one or two people who might notice I am gone like when that annoying fly finally leaves the room.

But before I head out for my adventure, I had to share a personal chuckle for the morning. It seems that a 84-year-old local woman was doing her civic duty by attending the Polling station on Tuesday. Since I am half her age and find it difficult to actually go to the BREAKFAST station without tears of discomfort, I would have to say I admire her energy and determination. That said, she ran into a little snafu when she found that her name was not on the list of registered voters despite a distinct lack of residence change.

""She was also rather surprised to find that she had recently died.

It seems she missed this little fact, even with her morning routine of reading the obituaries. Thankfully our efficient government keeps a close eye on things, and they were very glad to inform her of her misunderstanding.

I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to miss your own death. I guess it could be rather annoying if your are generally a punctual person!