And on the seventh day SHE rested …

Adam was designated by God as the shepherd of life, Eve was designated the bearer of new life. When Adam has cared effectively for all that is born to life, ~ when he is adequately doing his job ~ then, possibly, he might have a right to look to the job Eve is carrying out. However, ever since that original assignment, Adam has seemingly been more concerned with how Eve may be doing her job than he has been with making sure that he does his own. Now, what’s THAT about?

from awakyn erotic

I admire women.

This is not just a statement of sexuality. To me it is much more profound than that.

The basic reality is human life as we know it, both from a cultural and simply biological perspective, would not exist if it were not for women. Think about it. Men are selfish. We are aggressive and combative. We would prefer to beat someone into submission then to simply ask them to work with us. If we could get away with it we would plant our seeds everywhere and let the results figure out how to survive on their own. If women behaved like men humanity would have killed itself off before it had a chance to grow.

Women are not only the nurturing side of humanity, but its conscience. Men may be physically stronger from a mass and muscle perspective, but I actually believe that women are much stronger where it counts. It takes more strength to deny yourself what you might want or need then to simply take whatever you desire. Men are not truly strong. We invented and mastered the art of bullying, while women are about cooperation. Bullying is not about strength. It is about bluster.

Women can carry a child, raise other children, working her ass off and generally putting up with the bullshit of men, while men are off doing “manly” things which though violence and physical strength is often involved, also involves a lot of talking and waiting around doing nothing. Back in the days of hunting and gathering, who actually worked harder? Hunting is basically a small amount of violent physical activity mixed in with large amounts of simply waiting. And ironically, so are things like war. Meanwhile the so-called “weaker” sex was back at home doing all the work.

So how did we get it in our heads that women are second class citizens? That men are somehow better than women and have the right to control everything about their lives? The answer is simple. Men of the past actually recognized the strength and power of women and basically feared it. So in the typical bully manner, they browbeat everyone into believing that this was the way things were “supposed to be”. And to add meat to their ludicrous thinking, they made it into divine law, because who is going to argue with god? And unfortunately women in general allowed this to happen, even though they knew better, because they really still were the backbone of human society so why fight it? But after a few thousand years of this nonsense it became “fact” and until the last century women became the permanent victim.

In the last couple of hundred years, some of the more alert bully’s realized that they too were being bullied, and the concept of democracy once again reared its idealistic head. Unfortunately these particular bullies weren’t quite ready to let woman be included, or even men who did not look like them for that matter. It took another hundred plus years for the freedom and think for yourself bug to infect women, or for men to recognize that skin color doesn’t actually change anything. And through hard work and perseverance, they began reclaiming the title of human instead of victim.

Yet once again the bullies are scared. And so they do their best to make things the way they were … the way they are “supposed to be”. And the worse thing is that many woman are still in the victim mentality They have been so brainwashed by thousands of years of bullying that not only are they allowing themselves to be re-victimized, many actually support it.

Come on folk! We call ourselves an advanced civilization. We view ourselves as the forefront of the future. So why can’t we shake an obvious mistake and get on with moving forward? Men are men, and until we get our heads out of our collective asses we will not see clearly. So women it is up to you. Many of you are trying hard to wake everyone up; to show your true power and to you I say “Huzzah!”. But oh so many of you actually believe the bullies; in many cases even do their work for them. To you I say “Shame!” Recognize yourself for what you are and stand up and make this world right!

This rant was inspired by a post on a Tumblr blog I follow (warning it contains “adult” material).